COMIC REVIEW: Storm Dogs #2

stormdogs2_covStorm Dogs, a series that is immediately somewhat reminiscent of Avatar, seems to be much more. Death, a mystery, and now some theft thrown in for good measure. Off to a great start with last issue, Storm Dogs continues with ever more science, aliens, and a bit of vomit.

As the story begins, Jered is examining the victims of the recent mysterious deaths in Grievance. When the autopsy finds some bug-based drugs in one man’s system and a mysterious crystal, Jered and the other members of the investigation go to the sheriff to seek answers. While at the bar questioning the sheriff, Professor Zenda gets a chance to see the Joppa and Elohi up close. While she sees the Joppa as sophisticated, the Joppa at the bar shows that they can be as base as humans. Jered leaves the bar with a companion, and learns in the morning that he may have shared a bit too much, putting the Joppa and Elohi in danger.

David Hine is really impressing me with how real his characters seem. You can tell that he has really thought out and planned each character in detail, and even further shows this in the biography style columns in the back of the issues that are basically Hine telling you about a character. He not only tells you things evident from the story, but also what they studied in college, their thoughts on religion, death, love, and so, so much more that make the character so much more fleshed out. Do I need to know that Jered is fascinated by the Jewish faith? Not really, but it adds an interesting aspect to his character, and I appreciate that small piece of world building.

Doug Braithwaite does a fantastic job on the art. All the characters are very expressive and sharp. The alien characters have interesting designs which make them fun to look at, but he keeps them very expressive at the same time as well. As beautiful as Braithwaite’s art is, I think Ulises Arreola, the colorist, deserves a lot of credit too. His colors make Storm Dogs and the planet of Amaranth so vibrant and alive, and add so much to the overall story and feel of the book.

Overall, I’m still very happy with Storm Dogs. More impressed than I though I would be, honestly. It’s a good book with an interesting concept, a fascinating world, and a lot more to be revealed.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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