COMIC REVIEW: Sugar Glider Stories 2

So far Daniel Clifford has produced three top notch comics all linked to Sugar Glider. Here he returns to the Sugar Glider’s sister book, Sugar Glider Stories where we learn more about the universe that our heroine inhabits. For me personally Sugar Glider Stories is even better than its brother comic book. I adore Sugar Glider and think that if you want a great story read it. But Clifford and Bainbridge made such a set of interesting characters that I wanted more. Sugar Glider Stories does just that: allowing us as readers to delve further into Susie’s life than the Sugar Glider comic allows us to.

First of all the cover is outstanding. It is the second nicest cover I have seen from an indie comic only being beaten by the sublime John Lees and Jonathan Rector’s Standard 2 cover. The book has been cleverly put together. It is obvious that over time Clifford is becoming more and more of a pro. More. The ingenious contents page will lure you in for more.

Further this book looks simply stunning with some of the best art in a small press book I have seen in a long time. There are a lot of nice touches in this book from Clifford’s homage to British television in Breaking News to the leaves floating down the page in Yesterday…All my Troubles: a stunning story to look at and moving to read. Further in The Vampire Rabbit, Smith and Clifford have the panels with what look like sword cuts into the paper. This draws the reader in more than it would have otherwise. Sara Dunkerton’s art again is superb showing the cream of small press talent on show. The final panel on page 39 (drawn by Purdie and Couvela) is amazing. A further masterstroke by this huge creative team.

The beauty of this book is how we finally start to learn more about Susie’s origins. From the beautifully drawn Gary Bainbridge (Co-creator) story about how Susie begins to become obsessed with the Marsupials to the Clifford/Robinson team where we find out how Susie got her costume. Bainbridge’s style has become synonymous with the Sugar Glider character whilst Robinson’s cartoon like style works well.

It is four for four for Clifford with another fabulous piece of work from an upcoming writer and what seems a great editor.

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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