Team Girl has grown in so many ways since it was founded in 2009. They successfully managed to get funding for issue 5 through Kickstarter, earning more money than they needed. Each book has showcased some fantastic characters that anyone can relate to. Consisting entirely of girls from all ages, the book is a favourite on the indie scene. Team Girl continues to be a roaring hit, experimenting with its formula.


For the majority of the book, Team Girl sticks to its winning formula. For many of the creators it is a social commentary, discussing key moments in their lives that warm the reader’s heart. Its focus on animals is a nice touch. Penny Sharp’s Fox News is an interesting take on the urban fox. The art here is particularly clever, providing a different take upon how a comic normally looks. Further, MJ Wallace’s I can Haz Cheezstring reminded me of many a time I spent with my own cat when I was growing up. This is Team Girl at its best: pulling at the emotional heartstrings as the reader can relate to what they see on the page. Jessica Hatcher’s Youre Fooling Nobody‘s straight to the point, honesty is refreshing. Gill Hatcher’s Teddy School of Taxidermy has a chilling feel to it. Its deceptively playful nature lures the reader in before revealing the chilling climax. Yet the brilliantly surreal Why? by Evy Craig is the highlight of the collection.

However, there are moments when Team Girl steps out of its comfort zone so to speak and tries something different with the likes of The Day I Went to the Store and Creations of a Mercenary. These stories are perfectly good and something that I would expect to see in any other anthology. Unfortunately this is the key problem. They just don’t feel quirky or different enough to fit here.

Team Girl continues to work, providing a collection of quirky, sometimes surreal stories that will pull at the emotional heartstrings of the reader. Team Girl 6 provides a consistency that most anthologies lack. Yet some of the stories lack the usual quirkiness that we have come to expect from Team Girl. Another solid effort.

For more, check out the Team Girl website.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Luke Halsall

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