COMIC REVIEW: Team Girl Comic Issue 7

I have long been a fan of the Team Girl books, a collection of short stories written by women of all ages, for anyone, with a high degree of quality thrown in. With Issue 7, the team seem to be really hitting a stride producing more and more at a faster pace. Team Girl Comic continues to be a joy to read.



Like all anthologies, there are ups and downs. Yet there are some real highlights here. At its best, Team Girl is a social commentary, often talking about the fears and worries that a lot of us have living in the twenty-first century, allowing us to feel better that we are not the only ones that feel this way. “Simply The Second Best” by Jef Sinclair does this perfectly. A bittersweet tale that we can all say that we have felt this way at some point in our life.

Yet a true highlight is the psychedelic “Jigsaw of Doom” by Honeypears. The art and story flow wonderfully well, adding something to Team Girl that is not often seen in the book. “Party Like It’s 1949” is an elegant way of showing that although things have changed over the past sixty odd years, there is still something that links us together.

Meeting boys are shown in cleverly through “Pretty Ugly” by Carachute and Anna Clark’s story is implemented beautifully with her playful innovative panel structure. The book finishes with a funny tale about what Tumblr is doing to society by Clare JC Stewart.

Overall, Team Girl Comic continues to be a consistently entertaining anthology. There are some stories that are better than others, but this is a return to form with some real gems on display here. A quirky, clever collection.

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Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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