COMIC REVIEW: Team Girl Comics

Team Girl Comics, edited by Gill Hatcher has the feeling of revolution in the air. In a business that is still male orientated, controlled often by boyish cliques it is refreshing to see girls going it alone. This is a book written by girls for everyone. Hatcher interesting has managed to get girls of all ages to write for the book. Fairly she has not put their ages on the stories and therefore everyone whatever their age are treated fairly.

As soon as you open Team Girl 2 you are greeted with the brilliant poster homage of Uncle Sam in a more girl orientated and gruesome way. This theme runs through the book with one page shorts explaining how we can cope with the zombie epidemic. They are incredibly entertaining and help to break up the longer stories in the anthology. The book continues to roll on with full steam with Hatcher’s Girl Genius, illustrating that women may have an equal say technically but horrifically the reality is not the same. Hatcher’s stories stand out as the highpoint of the books. Her commentary on what it is like to be a girl are telling, funny and interesting. The experiences her characters go through can be felt by every girl and many boys growing up. For example Jesty Pesty could be as much a story about me and wanting to fit in (be ‘cool’) as a teenager as it could be about a girl. What is more her ‘Pervert’ story will make you laugh out loud. This book is a brilliant social commentary. Some of the stories will inspire you, they will make you think and others are simply fun. Team Girl shows how an anthology should be done. When so many try and fail, it has the perfect blend: little stories that make you want to think and read on.

Some stories are better than others but this is expected as with any anthology there will be stories that you prefer over others. It is clear that talent is there and that each book will get better with age.

Some girls might feel isolated from comics with the non stop superheroes but they should not anymore. Team Girl Comics is a great comic that girls and boys can enjoy. Further this is a shining light as to how to compile a good anthology. There are some weaker stories but the rest are strong and make it worth every penny. A must read from rising stars on the indie scene.

If you are going to Thought Bubble make sure you pick this up.

You can check out more about Team Girl Comics here

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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