COMIC REVIEW: Thackeray Not Quite Dead – An Unusual Zombie Story

I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for a good zombie story so when the boys from Dead Star Publishing pointed this out to me at last weeks Thought Bubble comic convention, I knew it wasn’t going to be a hard sell. Being a bit cautious I only bought the first issue as writer Joanne Wong provides a brilliant premise.

In 2013 there was a zombie outbreak, but zombies can’t move very fast,fall apart easily and everyone had seen enough zombie movies to know what to do, so it was dealt with fairly easily, unless you were unlucky enough to get bitten.

The story follows 2 lab technicians who are working for a government run lab trying to ascertain a cure for the infection. Unbeknownst to everyone at the lab, one of the technicians, Thackeray is himself a sentient zombie who is more eager than anyone to find out the truth of the matter; especially because despite his intelligence he still feels, ‘the hunger’. Complicating the matter is the fact that the latest cases have shown no bites, causing confusion over the vector of transmission. Thackeray also has to ask himself wether his paranoia is just paranoia or is he actually being watched.

First, I love the premise of a sentient zombie, I know it’s been done before, most recently with Vertigo Comics series, I Zombie, but this one has a distinctly more British flavour to it that I love. I also love the idea of a world in which people dealt with the zombie outbreak and things are more or less back to normal – that’s new.

Hart, the other lab assistant is a great supporting character who adds a lot of humour to the proceedings. The contrast between his flippancy and Thackerays morbidity adds a lot of atmosphere to this comic.

Kris Wozencrofts art has a lovely muted colour which adds to the pervading mood of the comic. The only problem I have with the art is the lack of backgrounds, for the most part they just seem to be a blank slate, this is either because the artist doesn’t like them or a deliberate attempt to enhance the nihilism of the stories protagonist, I’m not really sure.

I believe this is a debut for this particular creative team and if so it’s a triumph. I found myself a bit gutted that I hadn’t bought all three issues. Suffice it to say I’m on board with this one. I wonder of they plan to do a trade.

You can learn more about Thackeray here – Thackerythecomic and read the free prologue to the series online here Prologue


GS Reporter: Monts

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  1. Chew Chay Noi /

    Its Joanne Chong not Joanne Wong! And now she is Jo Wozencroft.

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