COMIC REVIEW: The Lion and the Unicorn – Issue 1

The first thing that anyone will think when they look at The Lion and the Unicorn is that it is incredibly unique. This is a good thing when you think of the amount of top quality indie products that are available. It is important to make your product stand out in an already full market of quality choices and this definitely does.

Set in an alternate Britain, a new technology called TechGnosis is being used everywhere. Physic magic is seen as just apart of modern living. Yet there is a darker side to it all. The illegal dark patch is the great evil to society.  The king is getting weaker making people wonder what will happen to them?  A tube accident caused by terrorists makes the king start to re-evaluate what he has done for society. I think the best way to describe this comic is Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror meets Grant Morrison’s The Filth.

This is one of the most innovative and unique books I have read in a long time putting the big companies to shame. These creators have managed to build a world in one issue that feels vastly different and individual yet at the same time the reader automatically feels connected to it. The entire production of the book feels different and looks the part. The artwork is stunning: I don’t think I have ever really seen anything quite like this and that is to its credit.

Further the lettering is phenomenal. The artwork is diverse but nothing is as atypical as the lettering. This comic shows just how much you can do with lettering and that it does not all need to be in speech bubbles. It is a bold statement.

Unfortunately the story is slightly lacking. It is interesting but slightly more would have been nice in a first issue. However if you are anything like me you are bound to come back for more. There is enough story to drag you in for a second outing and you will be intrigued to see what next they will do with the comic medium. It is refreshing to see a creative team take chances, providing more ideas with what you can do with the medium in one issue than many would consider trying in an entire series.

The Lion and the Unicorn is a truly unique experience. It’s story is interesting but is slightly lacking. However the stunning artwork, and clever methods that have been used here will keep you coming back for more. A truly immersive experience.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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  1. Dear Geek Syndicate, thanks for the great review.

    Somewhere between Charlie Brooker and Grant Morrison is right where we want to be!

    You’re right about the story being slightly lacking in issue one and this is being addressed in the digital release that you can catch up with via everyone’s favourite social network here:

    Say it loud, I’m geek and I’m proud!

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