COMIC REVIEW: The Victories #2

With the second installment of Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories, we find out more about the world he’s created for us. I was surprised by the first issue’s quality, and the book hasn’t disappointed with the second issue either.



Within the first few pages of the issue, we find out a bit more about Faustus’s life and how he became involved with being a superhero. After this glimpse into his past, we see a group of criminals seeking to pull off a heist with the help of a psychic, only to be stopped by Faustus. The psychic sees something of Faustus’s past during their altercation. After, The Victories raid a Float house and stop some criminals. Larry, “Link,” the psychic, ends up in prison with The Jackal, who as the last page shows, still has revenge in mind.

The Victories, all two issues of it, has been a surprise to me. I honestly didn’t expect much from it and had never heard of Oeming, so I was impressed when I did give it a read. Oeming does both writing and art on the book, and I feel like this gives the comic a sort of unity of vision that may not be present in some other comics. Oeming can make his art and writing match up, without depending on someone else to do it.

His characters are wonderfully flawed, I feel. Both heroes and villains are flawed in much the same way, with their means of dealing with their inner turmoil being the only real difference between them. Personally, I really enjoy such characterization. Oeming’s Faustus is not Superman. He’s closer to Frank Castle. It’s this flawed nature and inherent doubt that makes Faustus not necessarily a “good” character, but a compelling one.

The art fits the story well. It’s supposed to be a world full of grit and grime; a dirty place much in need of a cleansing. The art style conveys this well. The fact that Faustus is always in shadow also fits. The city is covered in shadow, full of dark, terrifying things, yet one of its greatest protectors hides in the shadows just like the criminals.

My only real complaint about this comic so far is that, at times, the dialogue can seem a bit stale. It might be just me, but sometimes the conversations seem a bit predictable, a bit too cliché. All in all, though, this doesn’t really detract from the overall story.

Check out The Victories if you haven’t yet. It’s well worth a read. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and continue to be surprised by it.

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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