COMIC REVIEW: Thief of Thieves #11

6848165-thief-of-thieves-11As the Kirkman penned drama about a super-thief trying to leave it all behind chugs along, we see more and more of the person that Conrad Paulson, the thief known as Redmond really is.

Conrad and his son Augustus have some plants to make. Augustus is in deep with the wrong people and they have his girlfriend, and it looks like Conrad may be the only person that can help him. As the drug lord that Augustus owes gets sandwiches for his girlfriend, Augustus and Conrad are planning a heist; one that will get Augustus paid off. Cristo and his men seem to have other plans though, which means that Conrad has to make some new plans of his own.

James Asmus continues his arc on Thief of Thieves. While I still think Nick Spencer may have had a better knack for writing dialogue in the first arc, Asmus still does his job. The characters are written to have genuine emotions and the overall storytelling for the issue is great. I particularly enjoyed the flashback sequence, which gave us a fun look at Augustus and his girlfriend Emma.

Shawn Martinbrough continues as permanent artist on the series. His cinematic style is perfect for the story, as it reads almost like a television drama (which might be why it was so quickly optioned by AMC). He gives a great look to Augustus’ bruised and beaten face and the looks of determination and satisfaction on Conrad’s face. Martinbrough’s art helps bring the whole story to another level.

As the second arc continues the story keeps moving along, at a bit of a slow pace, and seems to be leading to the point where it will focus on Conrad’s life outside of crime and his move away from it, rather than the robberies. This should be an interesting take on the story and I look forward to it.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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