COMIC REVIEW: Thief of Thieves #5

In Thief of Thieves, we follow the journey of Conrad Paulson, the famous thief known as Redmond. Conrad has finally forsaken the life of a thief, refusing to complete any more jobs. When the cops come calling at his house and threaten his son, Conrad thinks he may have to take some drastic measures.

We start the issue off with a flashback back to when Conrad and his brother-in-law and partner in crime are cornered in a building. Conrad wants them to leave together, but his partner has another idea in mind, and sends Conrad on his way.

Cut back to the present, where Conrad is calling in some favors. He has Celia gather his team from the Venice Job, for what appears to be one last job. When we cut to a meeting between Conrad and Agent Cohen, we learn that Conrad’s intentions with calling in favors may not be quite what we thought. In the meeting of thieves, the various people are all a bit wary of this job, rightfully so, but still seem convinced.

I enjoy the names of the various individual scenes throughout the comic. The act of naming the individual parts of the comic make it feel more like a book rather than a comic book. With the in-depth narrative and great characters, Thief of Thieves really is almost a book.

You can see in a way how the story was created by Robert Kirkman, but Nick Spencer’s touch is also apparent. Spencer does a wonderful job as a writer, giving you an insight into the tortured man that is Conrad. The dialogue is wonderful. Witty, quick, deep, it gives you all that you could want from good writing. Spencer does such a good job on this and Kirkman has obviously made the right choice in writers for this project.

The artwork is just great. It has a noir feel to it, and it goes along so well with the story. Shawn Martinborough and Felix Serrano do such a good job on the pencils and colors, respectively. The art helps convey the grittiness of the work and of the characters.

Overall, a wonderful series and a wonderful issue. Kirkman, Spencer, Martinborough, Serrano, and the rest make for a wonderful read. More comics should be like this.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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