COMIC REVIEW: The (True!) History of Art

Self Made Hero is a company that has made a name out of making graphic work more of an art form than many other companies, often focusing on classic literature and the like. It was a brave and innovative template that has really taken its own form. With The (True!) History of Art, we see something slightly different yet, just as innovative and brave.




The (True!) History of Art looks at some of the most well-known pieces of art by some of the greatest artists, telling the reader the real reason why these pictures came to be: why did Van Gogh have such a tidy bedroom? What cause Munch’s The Scream? All is revealed in this book.

Creators Sylvain Coissard and Alexis Lemoine have created some real laugh out loud moments that link to today’s society. They will put a smile on your face, and this is an ideal stocking filler for Christmas. They have mastered the three panel strip that is so often difficult to perfect, and using famous paintings as one of the panels is a clever notion.

With Self Made Hero, you can always be assured of quality. I have never seen a Self Made Hero book that I have not been impressed by. There is something about their production that few, if any, other graphic novel publishers can produce. With The (True!) History of Art, they continue this high quality. It is a joy to flick through the pages looking at the various strips.

All in all, if you are looking for something that is slightly different and you are a fan of classic art, The (True!) History of Art will be just for you. A funny, sometimes evocative collection of what is, in essence, a series of three panel strips.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Luke Halsall

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