Comic Review – Villainous #1

Writer: Gary Chudleigh

Artist: Graeme Kennedy

Publisher: OR Comics

Villainous follows the story of Victor Arkin, a convicted psychopathic killer who daringly escapes the confines of Straffen Asylum. Despite an infamous bloody past, Victor has broken free for reasons unknown. A man – hell bent on destruction and admirer of Victor – has taken his legacy as inspiration, and Victor must stop him before more blood is shed in his name.

Today we have a comic from Obscure Reference Comics. The story revolves around Victor Arkin, a convicted killer who escapes from an asylum for the criminally insane. The whole issue is action packed and is full of tension from beginning to end, from the murder of his mother all the way up to his violent escape from the Asylum. It’s very fast paced which can leave you feeling ripped of, but this book just left me wanting to read more of the story which is the sign of a good book. Gary has done a great job of building a world in which I want to see much more.

This book is definitely not for children! there are on panel face slicing and shotguns blasts to the chest. so if that stuff turns you off a book then i would stay away from Villainous. Graeme’s art work is fairly unpolished but there is real talent there and he is showing potential. You can tell what’s going on but sometimes the posing of the characters and perspective of the shots feels slightly off. However, It’s definitely in the upper quality ranks of small press comics I’ve read.

If you are looking for some Small Press comics that feel like a vertigo title then this is for you. there is room for improvement but they are on the cusp of something fantastic. i will definitely be getting my hands on issue 2 and if thats of the same quality i’ll be with it for a while.

I’ll Give Villainous #1 3.5 out of 5

To read Villainous #1 go to Obscure Reference Comics where you can create an account and read it for FREE! so you have absolutly no excuse not to read it and make up your own mind.

Also to see a video interview with the creators done by own very own dynamic podcasting  duo Click Here

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