COMIC REVIEW: Villainous Issue 2

The small press circuit is really pushing out the boat when it comes to their covers at the moment. The Standard set the standard (excuse the pun) with the stunning issue 2 cover that still to this day is one of the best covers of the year so far. Then came Sugar Glider Stories 2 with a close second. Now Villainous 2 has arrived from OR comics with a cover that is guaranteed to draw you in if you have not read Villainous 1 and will make you want to read Villainous 2 all the more so.

The Arkham Asylum of indie books returns. The issue continues with on the run Victor. This time we start to see that maybe there is more to his escape than meets the eye, as he seems to be getting framed by a copycat killer.

Chudleigh produces some really nice dialogue through the book. Further Kennedy’s portrayal of Victor hearing what people have said to him is very effective. It is clear that the creative team has grown since issue one and I am sure that both of the creators will go far.

As with issue one, the colouring is brilliant: it is moody, dark and bleak. It adds so much to the comic. Often it is forgotten how important colouring can be but the Villainous team show that they are aware of its importance and how effective it can be.

The biggest problem with Villainous 2 is that it does not emphasise the early big beats enough For example, the issue starts with a bang but it is a shame to see the final panel on page one only receive the space that it has. It would have been nice to have the panel really shine out, bringing home the impact. The same can be said with other moments in the first half of the book such as when Victor sees a flashback. This does not deter from what is a thoroughly enjoyable comic to read as well as taking on board how much content they manage to pack into one issue.

Villainous 2 continues the great start that issue one made. This is a series that looks to be an interesting rollercoaster ride of deception

You can check out both issues at Thought Bubble where Villainous issue 2 will debut.

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GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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