COMIC REVIEW: White Devil #1

whitedevilWhat’s there to do in a small town when you’re bored with your life and where it’s taking you? Join a Satanic cult? If that’s your thinking, then White Devil may just be the comic for you.

Judy is a bored housewife in the small Alabama town of Wetumpka. While she admits that she has a great life, a loving husband, and wonderful children, she still feels something is missing. A sense of adventure and purpose is gone from her life, she feels. She and her friend Betty join up with a strange cult that has meetings in the woods to spice up their life. While they’re scared and ultimately unnerved by what they see, it seems that maybe the cult succeeded in what they were trying to do.

Just as a disclaimer, White Devil is a bit graphic. They’re blood, guts, and nudity, but if you’re not bothered by that, then this is an enjoyable indie comic. Matt and Andrew, the writers, make an interesting story that catches you a bit by surprise. I actually grew up a few hours north of Wetumpka, the town which White Devil is set in, and I feel like they got the feel and dialogue of the town and its people down very well. They give it an authentic feel and make an interesting story, one which I am looking forward to seeing continue.

The art reminds me a bit of Riley Rossmo, who is one of my favorite artists right now, so that is a huge compliment. Nate Burns does a wonderful job on the art. At times, it can be a bit muddled, but that could just be the digital copy. He captures the scenes of the book well and I particularly like what he does with the trees once the story is taken to the forest. The placement of the panels on many pages was very interesting and helped kind the story in a way. I really enjoyed how they got creative with the placement.

My big complaint about the book is with some of the handwritten lettering. At times, it can a bit hard to read and a little inconveniently placed. For a first effort from three indie creators, I think I can cut them some slack though about that.

All in all, White Devil isn’t a bad book. Pretty good art and story, with some minor lettering issues taking away from the overall impact. It’s free so you have no cost of reading this book except for the few minutes that it will take you to read through. Is it worth downloading and giving a read? I say yes. If you’re interested in White Devil, reading it, and maybe learning a little more about it, be sure to check out the site here.

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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