COMIC REVIEW: Willow Wonderland

willow_wonderlandThis stand alone series sees everyone’s favourite magical redhead, Willow, take the lead as she tries to bring magic back into the world.

Willow: Wonderland is a great little stand alone story. After the events of Buffy Season 8 there is no more magic in our world, and the planet is suffering. Willow takes Buffy’s scythe and vows to travel to distant dimensions to find a way to bring it back.

On her travels she meets Marrak, a fellow sorcerer looking for a way home. He encourages Willow to tap into her dark self, we know how that ends (hint: Not good). Will Willow be able to keep her dark self under control?

The pencils by Brian Ching have a great style, very animated and dramatic. Jason Gorder does a wonderful job inking and on colours is Michelle Madsen, who gives a really vibrant colour palette in this book.

Jeff Parker and Christos Gage (Angel & Faith) are on writing duty, and they do a brilliant job. Full of humour and some genuine creepy moments this was a very enjoyable story.

There are some great characters in this book courtesy of an otherworldly witches coven. There is also a familiar face or two who crop up over the course of this tale. One we were very happy to see back again! As will fans of the comics and the TV series be.

The covers for this series are really beautiful. Each one is a little work of art. They come courtesy of David Mack and Megan Lara. We particularly love Mack’s cover artwork, it’s very ethereal and earthy, a perfect combination for this book and this character.

The story was engaging, but it did feel like it dragged at times. The first chapter felt like it stayed in one place for far too long. Not much happened in that issue, however, the monsters in the first chapter are well designed and drawn.

The section with the otherworldly coven was gorgeous to look at, lots of interesting characters and picture perfect settings. Every page looks vibrant and just really, really pretty. We want to go live there.

Sadly the ending felt like a bit of a cop out. It means you won’t miss much in the Buffy comics if you don’t read this, as it can be explained away by a couple of lines of dialogue once Willow gets back to the main Buffyverse.

Even with it’s faults this is a great addition to any Buffy fans collection, especially if you’re a Willow fan.

Rating: 3/5
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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