COMIC REVIEW: X-O Manowar #3

Following Aric of Dacia, Visigoth prince, as he’s capture by Vine aliens and help captive for years, X-O Manowar is the first title of the Valiant relaunch that has taken the comic book world by storm this summer. Robert Venditti and Cary Nord team up to bring us Aric’s journey from prince to slave to super-powered warrior.

We’re thrust into the middle of the slave revolt that began in the last issue. Aric has come into possession of the Armor of Shan, the Manowar armor. With this seemingly limitless power, he leads the slave revolt, only to have his friend Gafti die. When put outside the Vine spacecraft by an explosion, Aric hurtles towards Earth, Rome to be exact, at speeds above Mach 10 as a way of escaping and hopefully getting back to his wife. When he arrives in Rome, it becomes quickly apparent to the reader that he’s been gone longer than a few years, and Aric is hurled into a world unfamiliar to him.

Robert Venditti is writing such a great series. The momentum of the series has been tremendous from the beginning, and shows no sign of lessening, if this issue is any indication. We finally see Aric back on Earth, and this issue sets the real meat of the series in motion. Venditti has great pacing in the series, as well as perfectly written characters and wonderfully crafted dialogue. It’s just a joy to read, from a writing standpoint.

Cary Nord does marvels with the artwork. Everything, from the aliens to the armor to the humans looks exactly as it should, but better. His attention to details is fantastic, and shows in the art. His characters are wonderfully expressive and show such great emotions. Nord could draw the most mundane things, and I would buy that book.

Overall, this is a great installment of the possibly the best new series of the summer. Valiant is making a big comeback in a big way, and they couldn’t have picked a better comic to lead with. X-O Manowar is a must read, even if you’ve never read the original series. Pick it up and support a great relaunch.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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