Community Season 3 Episode 15 – Origins of Vampire Mythology

When the carnival comes to Greendale, Britta freaks out at the thought that her old flame Blade may still be working there. Meanwhile, Pierce decides to try and find a best friend outside of the group and the Vice Dean coerces the Dean into getting Troy to join the air conditioning repair school.

There is always that someone or something that we find ourselves powerless to resist, and in Britta’s case it is her ex boyfriend Blade. The group mercilessly take the mick out of his name – Troy and Abed even go so far as watching the Blade movies at the mere mention of their title – but Annie steps up, like only Annie can, to try and protect Britta from herself. Britta always professes to be fiercely independent and a beacon of self-reliance, but as soon as a guy comes along, all of that falls away. Britta’s façade crumbles almost every week, but that does not mean it is not fun to watch. This time around Annie takes her phone from her to stop her texting the mysterious Blade, but when Britta tricks Annie to get her phone back, things take a turn for the interesting.

While all of this is going on, the Dean turns up at Troy, Abed and Annie’s apartment to incompetently try and convince Troy to join the air conditioning repair school. You will remember from earlier episodes that Troy is a wiz at air conditioner repair and the vice Dean sowed the seeds of mistrust between Troy and Abed during the pillow / blanket fort battle to try and get Troy to join his school. It seems he has not given up on having Troy at the school and even though the Dean fails in his attempt, the vice Dean is not going to let this one go so easily.

Jeff and Shirley go to the carnival in order to catch a glimpse of the man who holds so much power over Britta. There is a really sweet moment where Jeff confesses to Shirley that she is the only one who gets him, but this is quickly lost when Jeff becomes as obsessed with Blade as Britta. Jeff is unable to figure out Blade’s attraction, even though he is drawn to him, and the mystery holds him captive. Again, this is typical of Jeff, although it seems for a while that he is jealous of Britta’s love for Blake as opposed to intrigued by the mystery.

Even though Chang and Pierce’s friendship seems logical – both are egomaniacs, lonely and incapable of toning it down in order to form a real relationship with anyone – it is not long before Chang feels the pressure and walks away.

In all, this was a sweet episode of Community. Everyone conformed to the roles they have established in the group, but some managed to grow and change through their interactions with carnival folk or each other. The episode is not half as silly as the two that have gone before it, but the season needs a chance to breathe and regroup after the epic pillow / blanket fort battle. This was a good, solid episode of Community, although maybe not one that we will watch over and over again.

Oh and watch out for a cameo from a Parks and Recreation regular.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. loved the episode, although would’ve wanted a bit more of Change/Pierce

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