COMIC REVIEW: DC’s New 52 – Week 3

So here we go.  I’ve just finished the 3rd week of DC’s relaunch.The last couple of weeks have been good but not definetivley stellar. Lets see what this week has to offer.

Batman and Robin

I’m probably a little biased here because I loved Damien (Batman’s son) playing Robin to Dick Grayson’s Batman. It was brilliant, it worked and this feels like a betrayal. I felt the dynamic between the two was a bit predictable and a bit of a step backwards but that being said, I think the story line involving a new and so far nameless villain trying to take down Batman Inc. is promising.

Verdict: I’ll see how it goes


As Greg Rucka is not on this title anymore, I was a little worried but I need’nt have been. Batwoman continues to be brilliant aided by J H Williams amazing and innovative artwork and layouts.  For new readers it may be a bit confusing trying to work out who Flamebird is and what she’s doing there but hey google is your friend

Verdict: I’m so in


I wasn’t expecting much from this.  What I got was a brilliant story which leaves you in no doubt that Deathstroke, DC’s best mercenary is a hardass and total bastard. This was a great romp, I’m not sure it’s a long term title for me but it’s definitely worth a look.

Verdict: I’m in for a storyline

Demon Knights

I always enjoy a Paul Cornell tale and this comic doesn’t disappoint.  Set in the Dark Ages in what will become England it follows the origin of a team of ….well heroes isn’t quite the word I would use for them, to fight sorcery powered barbarian horde. This title stars a number of DC’s supernatural properties and it is fun.

Verdict: I’m in for the forseeable.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

I’m still getting my head around Frankenstein being part of the DC universe and now he’s got a team of self created monsters all part of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive. If anyone can handle the weird well it’s writer Jeff Lemire and to be honest he does.  The art is going to take some getting used to but it’s a decent story with lots of action and questionable ethics. Not sure it’s the kind of book I want to spend a long time on but it’s a very interesting start.

Verdict: I’m in for the first storyline

Green Lantern

This week’s offerings just keep surprising me.  This is another title I was feeling somewhat jaded about. I expected some more of the usual ring slinging, but Sinestro’s surprise role and Hal Jordans situation combined to make me sit up and pay attention.

Verdict: I’ll give it a go.


I know nothing about Grifter but DC brings us in right at the beginning of his story where we discover that Cole Cash is indeed a con man.  However when thinks get a little supernatural, the world brands him a terrorists when he starts killing inhuman creatures trapped in human form. His ability to see these creatures is a mystery even to him.  This story made me sit up and pay attention.  Its cinematic beats had me thinking how much I would love this as a TV series. The only reservation I have is that it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the DCU and I don’t want it to be either.

Verdict: I’m in

Legion Lost

This was an enjoyable series spinning of a group of super heroes from the future lost in time and threatened by a deadly virus.  The challenge of Legion stories has always been to balance so many characters well and it does this.  However there is nothing about this that stands out from the crowd.

Verdict: I’m not in

Mister Terrific

Perhaps the biggest disappointment to me, because it was the title I’ve most been looking forward to.  In a week that see’s some fabulous art, this is probably the weakest, but that’s not where my criticism ends. Mister Terrific is a character I love, a decent black character and one of the smartest 3 men in the world. Now he has been categorised as the 3rd smartest and for some reason that irks me. The costume makes him look a little silly- give him back his jacket. But worse is the over obvious attempts to make a racial issue out of everything. It’s simply not necessary to make the point. The point is already being made by the very existence of the title.  On top of that I just found it a little pedestrian.  I really wanted to like this so much.

Verdict: I might keep an eye on it

Red Lanterns

I didn’t know what to expect from this title and it was alright, a touch heavy on the exposition but it did help set the scene.  I enjoyed reading about a corps other than the Green Lanterns.  It was intriguing to see a corps powered by barely sentient rage, standing for justice.  However it wasn’t enough to arouse my undying curiosity.

Verdict: Thanks but no thanks

Resurrection Man

And yet another surprise. I thought this was great. I love the idea of a man who has a different power every time he comes back to life, but this comic makes it perfectly clear that this is no fun for Mitch Shelly, the  Resurrectuion Man. Beautifully written, this story, like Grifter( which incidentally I keep confusing in my head) made me sit up. What opposing supernatural forces are hunting Mitch and why? I wanna know.  Also it has homicidal crazy hot chicks in.

Verdict: Yep I’m in

Suicide Squad

Always found the concept of a group of superhuman criminals doing deniable missions for the hope of clemency quite intriguing.  I didn’t quite understand why they were so loyal to their bosses under torture though.  The reveal of the torturers towards the end was quite a doozy.  But you know what has knocked this of my list. The reinvention of Amanda Waller.  Here was a powerful character a fat black woman that no one would mess with, a woman whose character was not based on ridiculing her size but on the strength of her character. Now she is a hottie with great boobs and quite clearly modeled on Angela Bassett from the Green Lantern movie.  This homogenization of a unique character has left me cold.

Verdict: Sorry, can’t do it


Not a character I’m much invested in but this was a very interesting slightly of centre reinvigorating of the character.  If I cared a bit more about the superman family I’d probably get this out of curiosity but I’m afraid it’s not for me.

Verdict: Decent but I’m moving on

So all in all this was a very positive week.  Great artwork for the most part and quite a few surprises thrown my way. So here’s how it breaks down this week.

I’m definetly in – 4

I’m tentatively in – 5

I’m not in – 4

Let’s see what week 4 will bring in a couple of days

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