COMIC REVIEW: DC’s New 52: Week 4

Here we go. It’s week 4’s batch of new comics and a mixed bag they are too.


This story just continues from where the previous Batman title left of which does make you wonder about the point of a renumbering except for spectacles sake. Regardless this was a decent Batman story, it didn’t set the world on fire but it was an intersting read. What made me sit up was the reveal on the last page especially as it ties in with last weeks Nightwing. What was an ok story becavan an interesting storyline and has me coming back for more.

Verdict: I’m in

Birds of Prey

Strange for me to see the Birds without previous writer Gail Simone or the lead character being Oracle. Despite this crime novelist Duane Swierczynski seems to have it all in hand with what I think is a well structured plot for this first issue. It features Black Canary and new comer Starling ( I still say corsets are too uncomfortable to fight crime in) saving the life of a grizzled newspaper reporter (seriously in this day and age, shouldn’t it be a blogger or something) from a chameleon armoured strike team. Theres a nice twist and an unexpected finish to the issue. With predictably beautiful art from Jesus saiz and great colours from Ruffini this could be a goer

Verdict : I’m in

Blue Beetle

The dorky teen that acquires powers beyond human comprehension is a superhero archetype that dates back to Peter Parker getting the powers of spiderman.  So far Static Shock has failed to capture the essence of that trope. Where it fails Blur Beetle is definetly succeeding. Also I love the Latin American feel to it. It’s one of the things I loved about the movie District 9 – a taste of  culture outside my experience, it’s lovely. Unfortunaltely for this reboot I feel like there is nothing new for an old time fan.

Verdict: Nope but  i’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

Captain Atom

An interesting supporting cast is something this comic has on it’s side, although how many unites secret science facilities can one universe have is beyond me. Apart from that I found the story a little …ordinary. I feel like it’s a Captain Atom story I’ve read 3 times already. I also thing the redesign of the charact doesn’t really work, he just looks like a cheap knock of …from Watchmen. I guess you can see where I’m going.

Verdict: I’m not in


Tits and ass is the introduction to cat woman here. I was a fan of the previous cat woman series. A sexy strong woman with a multifaceted persona. The last time I read a cat woman story her place blows up and she has to find out who did it which is what happens here. So already my interesting is waning. Then we count the number of crutch and boob shots and we have here a level of sexual titillation and violence that I’m not comfortable with in a  core book from a mainstream comic company. Here is a woman that has been reduced to nothing but the sexual component of her character. This is by Winnick, I writer I like but who so far on this relaunch is dissapoointing me (See my Batwing review).

Verdict: no need to buy this series while I have access to porn

DC Universe Presents

I always love comics that are going to show me a diverse amount of  characters and I’ve always had a soft spot for Deadman who is the first storyline of this series. There is nothing really new about this story for anyone familiar with Deadman as it is pretty much all setup but it is nicely written and thebvery format of this comic will keep me coming back.

Verdict : I’m in

Green Lantern Corps

Another title for which renumbering is redundant as this too carries on from the last one. Earth based Lanterns Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner find that they can’t fit in to earth society so decide to head into space and lead a Green Lantern strike force to investigate what turns out to be a pretty horrendous crime. That’s it. Sounds familiar. Not really enough for me.

Verdict: I’m not in

Legion of Superheroes

If you love the Legion then get this book. A great balance of characters, teams and missions. Good artwork.  It continues on from where the last LSH title left of, therefore its not a great jumping on point and if you are only so-so about the Legion there is nothing that jumps out and grabs you by the short and curlies.

Verdict: Not a bad title but not for me.


I’m probably starting off on a bad foot with this one as I liked Dick Grayson as Batman, it was a beautiful step in character evolution and it’s all been undone here. It’s an ok story but there is nothing here to set me on fire except the final panel and how it links in to this week’s Batman title. That intrigues me but not enough to buy this title regularly

Verdict: Not for me

Red Hood and the Outlaws

This title has a great premise and a very interesting plotline developing. Jason Todd the homicidal ex Robin leading a team comprised of Red Arrow and Starfire.  The connections that Jason Todd has are intriguing to say the least.  That’s where my praise ends.  Starfire, a character I’ve always liked has been turned into a vapid wank fantasy, with the excuse that she is alien and they are different to us.  Along with Catwoman, DC comics has taught me this week that it is impossible to be a strong woman unless you are aggressively slutty. Don’t get me wrong I like Milo Manara(don’t google him at work) for God’s sake but this is like reading something that was written to service the parts of my hormone ridden 15 yr old sexuality that should have been slapped down.

Verdict: I wish I could but my conscience won’t let me


A new Supergirl to fit our new Superman. Our heroine character finds herself on Earth and attacked by humans.  She doesn’t know where she is or why she’s there and her powers are new to her.  She has none of Supermans empathy with us so I’m interested to see how her greeting will shape her interaction with humans.  This book is very pretty and although I’m interested to see how her character develops, it’s not enough to keep me beyond the next issue.

Verdict: I’m afraid not

Wonder Woman

Azzarello and Chiang on Wonder Woman. How could this go wrong you may ask?  The answer is it doesn’t.  This title balances the modern and the mythic wonderfully and ties Wonder Woman’s existence into both seamlessly. The art matches the tone of the writing incredibly well. And Wonder Woman(or Diana as she prefers to be called is hardcore as she is meant to be.

Verdict: I’m in

Im in: 3

Im in tentatively: 2

I’m not in: 7

GS Reporter: Monts

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