Doctor Who At The Proms: Brief Review

What’s It About?:
This year saw the second appearance of our favourite Time Lord at the BBC Proms. For those of us not fortunate enough to attend, good old Auntie Beeb filmed the event and broadcast two versions (one 60 minute and one 90 minute version). I’ve just watched the hour length version that my better half recorded for me and thought I’d come and jot down a couple of thoughts.

Review It:
Now, right off the bat, I’m not a musical buff. But I know what I like and I enjoy being moved by music. In my opinion, Composer Murray Gold has excelled himself during his five years on Doctor Who. If any TV composer in the UK is deserving of a show purely of their work – it is Gold.

The evening was presented by Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith – all dressed to the nines and seemingly in awed enjoyment of being in the Royal Albert Hall. Karen Gillan opened the show and quickly settled in once it was apparant to her that the audience were truly there to enjoy the show.

The show mixed editted scenes from this year’s Who Series with a live perfomance by the BBC National Philharmonic Orchestra of Wales and the music really seemed to effect the audience. One particular shot showed people moved to tears during a compilation of the Doctor’s regenerations from Hartnell through to Tennant’s change. This was viewed while tracks from last year’s specials played, culminating in the score that accompanied Tennant’s final moments.

As with the previous prom in 2008, this year saw monsters from the show interacting with the audience and featured a special appearance by The Doctor himself. This year, he was aided by a member of the audience as he defused a bomb in an amusing, fast-paced performance. Top marks go to young lad who took the Doctor’s instructions marvellously and seemed to genuinely believe what was going on. This scene alone is worth the viewing.

Enough babble – if you’re a Who fan or a music fan or even just a fan of spectacle, check out this event.

Rate It: 4/5
GS Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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