TV REVIEW: Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 10: The Girl Who Waited

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Arrivig at the Two Streams Facility, The Doctor and Rory become seperated by time from Amy who is alone and menaced by the facilities medical robots – armed with cures lethal to humans. …

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It’s been a few years since Toby Macrae’s last TV Who Scripts – Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel. This time, the writer presents the viewer with an intriguing tale that uses time in quite a unique manner. The concept of a facility where victims of the One Day Plague can be interred and allowed to live out a fuller lives while their loved ones watch is interesting and charming at the same time. Though the cost of maintaining such a facility must be phenomenal.

It’s intriguing to see the crew split in a different way this week and I think there is great potential when The Doctor and Rory are together. We’ve seen before how Rory is not afraid to call the Time Lord out on occasion and this becomes more of an issue this week with all that is at stake for Rory personally. While Arthur Darvill gains some great lines and is his usual likeable self throughout, it is Karen Gillan who truly shines this week. Essentially playing two completely different characters, she manages to achieve two distinct personalities while maintaining a recognisable link between the two. This really enables the relationships between the characters to achieve a believability in their interaction that really helps to sell the story as a whole.

This episode also shows the Doctor’s darker side. We’re quite used to the bumbling professor personality and Matt Smith’s Doctor has shown flashes of inhumanity before, but here we get to see him outright deceive those closest to him and become almost callous towards one of the characters in the tale being woven. I was reminded of Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor in The Curse of Fenric here, and found myself actively shouting at the screen, when I realised what the Doctor was about to do towards the end of the episode. Something I NEVER do!

As with Let’s Kill Hitler, the “Monster” here is actually quite benign. The faceless “handbots” are an interesting and stark design who just want to heal the residents. It’s not their fault that their “Kindness” would be lethal to a human and that they have not been programmed to recognise this.

And the niggles?

How easy is it to accidentally lock yourself in the compressed timestream? I’m sure the Intergalactic Health and Safety Authority would have something to say about that!

In summary:

An emotional tale that will hopefully leave The Doctor and Rory’s relationship on a more tense note. Hopefully this will be followed through and there could be some interesting moments ahead for the TARDIS crew.

Rate It: 4 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 0
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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