TV REVIEW: Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 12: Closing Time

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What’s It About?
The Doctor is performing a “Farewell Tour”, visiting his friends and acquantances and trying to not notice anything odd or help out. Visiting Craig Owens, electrical drains and missing people prove too irresistable …

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Veteran Who writer Gareth Roberts (writer of numerous novels, comic strips, audio adventures and TV stories) returns and brings James Corden with him. The idea of the Doctor deciding to visit old friends and acquaintances before facing his impending doom is interesting and reminsicent of his previous incarnation’s pre-regeneration swan song. The Doctor has been travelling alone “for a while” by this point and seems to be having a crisis of identity of sorts, still uneasy with the detrimental effect he now realises he can have on others.

Also returning are my old favourites, the Cybermen and they bring with them their little silver pets, the Cyber-mats. Both worked well this episode, with the Cybermen almost back to their 60s selves, lurking in the shadows and only really coming to the fore (in story terms) at the end. The majority of the episodes sees Clive struggling with fatherhood and determined to help The Doctor defeat the menace – whatever it may be. The investigation, though slower in reaching a climax than perhaps usual in recent years never feels slow at all.

The dialogue is snappy and amusing, particularly between the Doctor and … a baby. Oddly, there’s not much more to say about this episode. It was fairly light on plot yet didn’t feel padded. The characters were fitting to the humorous nature of the story and the Cybermen were sufficiently creepy. My favourite element was the return of the Cybermats. Their design here was perfect – not too big or small, reminiscent of the old while obviously “new” cyber-technology. The reveal of their organic components was also welcome and I did (slightly) jump at one point.

The post-conclusion part of the story was an excellent set up for next week’s finale.

And the niggles?

Really? Cyber-conversion is just a case of bolting someone in armour and “wiping their emotions” these days? And this can be fully reversed. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Just when I thought we were getting some proper Cyber-action. Oo-er missus.

In summary:

Despite my niggles and the average score I give this episode, I did enjoy it. For the most part. It’s just a shame the story resolution fell flat for me. The interaction between The Doctor, Craig and Stormageddon were fantastic and even the minor characters were amusing in their short appearances.

Rate It: 3 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 2
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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  1. It was an okay episode, but there was no reason for having such a filler episode so late in the season.

    And why the hell are the Ponds in Colchester?

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