Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 2 – The Day of the Moon Review

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The Doctor and friends uncover the truth about the Silents’ presence on Earth and must discover a way to defeat an opponent that is instantly forgotten about…

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Apologies for the delay in getting this up. I was in Cornwall getting engaged this weekend… Moving on:

Again – I’m underwhelmed by the opening few minutes this week. Instead of paying off the cliff-hanger, we are treated to some stunning views of Utah as Amy pegs it from the FBI, including former ally Canton. We also see River and Rory similarly chased and are shown that the Doctor is being held in Area 51 having been there for enough time to grow a nice bushy beard. Once the gang are back together, the Time Lord reveals his plan involves Neil Armstrong’s foot ….

The atmosphere is truly creepy when required. Several scenes set in an old orphanage are straight out of the realms of nightmares. Moffat manages to juggle these darker moments with lighter-fare, including a couple of amusing cameos of President Nixon.

A number of ongoing plot threads are weaved into this episode and although none of them feel forced into the narrative, I was hoping for more answers than were given. During the course of the adventure, we learn little more about the girl in the astronaut suit … it seems she is integral to the Silents’ current objective and she seems to be linked to a certain Miss Pond.

As yet, I’m undecided whether I like such a blatant ongoing arc in my Doctor Who. Previous arcs have been more subtle – there in the background if you want to spot them, but the casual viewer lost nothing. With various questions being presented so outwardly in these first two episodes, I can’t help but wonder if the casual viewer will lose something this season?

And the niggles?

This is the second opener in a row that’s left me feeling a bit “Huh?” before the titles have even begun. Oh, and the Doctor’s solution to the Silence …. bit out of character, I thought. Then again, when dealing with an occupation of however-many-thousands of years, how else do you kick them out?

In summary:

Despite a glitchy (non-existent?) resolution to the cliffhanger, that’s partly resolved in flashbacks this was a good, creepy climax to this story. I have to say, the Silence (or Silents, I suppose is more correct) are a fantastic monster and such a creepy design – from their weirdly elongated heads to their pristine black suits. The episode left more than enough strands open that will hopefully be resolved in either this half of the season or the one later this year.

Rate It: 3 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 1
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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