Doctor Who The Big Bang (Series 05, Episode 13) Review

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The universe is gone with only a remnant of Earth left at it’s core. The Doctor is locked within the best prison ever built, Amy is gone and River is trapped in a dying TARDIS. Can the Universe be restored? …

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Following from the massive build up last time, this episode had a lot to live up to and a lot to resolve. I was expecting a continuation of the grandness that was the end of episode 12, but what we have here came as a pleasant surprise. It’ll be difficult to be non-spoilery in this one, so appologies in advance for any slips.

I was surprised with how the episode managed to be both small-scale and yet grand at the same time – the cast is tiny for the most part with just the core characters for the season present throughout and yet the stakes are so high. The universe is literally gone, with just an Earth with a messed up past remaining. The tension remains constant throughout and there is a definite feeling that time is of the essence this week (no pun intended). I think a lot of this feeling came from Matt Smith himself, who seems to revel in the plot throughout the episode.

As seen in previous weeks, this Doctor talks at a rapid pace that seems quicker than his thought process at times. This week, he breaks almost every rule in the time-travellers rule-book to resolve the situation he’s found himself in and his seemingly on the fly planning works tremendously for this purpose. I get the feeling that this is exactly the episode that Steven has been dying to write since he was seven. Messing with time and even having hints of this finale in previous episodes (well done everyone who picked up on the Angels double Doctor. I was oblivious until I saw the theories on-line) worked magnificently.

The pacing of the episode as presented was spot on, with one particular scene having me laughing out loud then silenced from shock litterally in the same breath. At one point towards the end of the episode, I found myself wondering if this was the FINAL finale of the show ever. Just for a brief moment before sense took over. The thing is, I’d have been happy (well not happy, but you get what I mean) for the show to finish on that note. The universe ended and reborn with one small difference… Actually a massive difference but what a way to go. Honestly, I can’t think of much higher praise for the episode than that. Doctor Who is and has always been one of my favourite TV shows after all.

And the niggles?

Just the one, and I’ll be honest, I’m expecting this will be resolved next year which is all about The Silence and River Song – How did River know to take her (empty) blue book to Amy’s wedding?!?!?!?

In summary:

For me, this finale didn’t miss a mark. Yes it was a reset, but by god was it a reset well done – where the reset was in fact the entire point of the story rather than a quick fix. And the Doctor’s final deviousness in getting himself out of a fix was worthy of the Seventh Doctor himself!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and felt in no way let down by this finale. I very nearly welled up towards the end of the episode – something that’s happened a couple or three times this series. Either this has been hitting the mark more for me, or I’m getting soft in my old age. Roll on Christmas and next year. I can’t wait to see what Steven Moffatt has planned next!

Rate It: 4.8 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 0
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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  1. Im not going to give a review of my own, i simply wanted to say i think ive enjoyed this series more than any other since Doctor Who came back well done to ALL involved and yes i think i love Amy pond(but who doesn’t)

  2. Wayne /

    An interesting series liking some episodes more than others but overall very enjoyable a very different and fresh approach with some fantastic moments thanks 🙂

  3. Red Five /

    I have enjoyed this series more than I thought I would have done. He is making the role his own, but as for making me weepy? Not as much as say the second and last Tennant series’ did.

    Impressed by Karen Gillan too, Amy Pond is a great assistant and the script writing is shining. Roll on Christmas!

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