DVD REVIEW: Devils of War

91bgWovl4ZL__SL1500_The second release from Signature Entertainment is Devils of War. Imagine a D-movie version of Inglorious Bastards, Captain America, Force 10 From Navarone, & the Dirty Dozen all rolled into one. Now imagine the day before they shot this movie, they ran out of money, but decided to do it anyway.

Now imagine you’ve just been lobotomised. Add all these ingredients together and you’re somewhere in the same universe as Devils of War. Billed as an action-packed thrill ride with The Chaplain, The Sniper and Black Hercules, a bunch of rejects & renegades are sent into Poland in 1944 to carry out a top-secret rescue mission.

As circumstances spiral out of control leaving them trapped deep behind enemy lines, and in-fighting increases amongst themselves, they are forced to battle super-soldier Nazis, save some local virgins, and storm a remote Nazi experimentation lab to literally stop and occult weapon from being realised.

Look, let’s not play games here: Devils of War, is an awful film, but unlike The Bigfoot Tapes it is strangely watchable. It’s cheap & vulgar, titillating & poorly scripted in equal measures, but on returning home after a night out at the pub, it’s pretty much on par with some of the other rubbish that the SyFy channel puts on at 1.00 AM.

Rating: 2/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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