DVD REVIEW: Doc of the Dead

Think you know all about zombies? Then you are dead wrong. Check out Doc of the Dead a comprehensive documentary covering all things zombie.

CERT: 15
RUN TIME: 81 minutes
RELEASE DATE: 30th March 2015
RRP: £15.99 (DVD)
ALSO AVAILABLE ON: iTune, Amazon Instant, FilmFlex, Google and Microsoft (Catalogue Number: SPAL037)


From the makers of The People Vs. George Lucas, Alexandre Phillipe’s film features a wide array of zombie legends to keep fans and newbies satiated including George Romero, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, Robert Kirkmann and Tom Savini.

Origins of the undead, real-world flesh-eaters, fifties sci-fi flicks, zombie porn and modern zombie screen treatments from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, through to Shaun of the Dead and The Walking Dead are all lovingly dissected under a compelling microscope.

An accessible and authoritative primer on flesh-eaters, DOC OF THE DEAD offers real food for thought into how zombies have come to penetrate society and demonstrates there is much life in the undead yet.


Chaplin Zombie

The tone of this brilliant documentary starts off with a clip from the Canadian House of Commons discussing the need for an international zombie strategy. It covers a wide range of subjects from discussing what actually is a zombie, the origins of the zombie from Africa and Hati and the first film that they were used in – and its a lot earlier than you think!

Through looking at different forms from film to comics we follow the evolution of zombies from underground monster to the current pop culture icon that even young children recognise. Looking at 1950s sci fi and of course George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead that succeed in re-writing zombie lore from voodoo victims to the shuffling monsters that we know  and love today.

Some of the segments are very strange such as the Zombie Industries company who provide zombie targets for you to practice on for the inevitable apocalypse to, and I kid you not zombie porn!!!!! But its not all just fun, as they are some really interesting bits such as parasites and zombies that occur naturally in natural world and if a zombie apocalypse could actually happen.

I really loved this documentary it had a good mix of interviews from directors (Romero), authors (Max Brooks), actors (Simon Pegg and Bruce Campbell) to scientists. It also has great humour running through it – my husband sitting next to me actually stopped playing Candy Crush to watch it.  I also have to give mention to the extremely brilliant and funny songs that appear, especially the ‘They’re coming to get you Barbara’ song – very funny!

If you love all things zombie then I urge you to check this out, it is defiantly something that I will be watching over and over. And even if you don’t like horror, then check it out for the history and science – there is something in here for everyone.

A brilliant film – I urge you to check it out now.

Check out the trailer here: 

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: darkphoenix1701

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