El Gringo 2DEl Gringo is the story of a man who has a bullseye on his back. He has crossed the border over to Mexico where he and his $2.3 million in cash and a bullet in his arm will travel to his retirement. As he passes through the sleepy town of El Fronteras he suddenly finds himself under attack from a variety of corrupt police, gangsters and desperadoes  His dream retirement is easier said than done. El Gringo is a perfectly enjoyable throwaway picture with little to make you think but plenty of blood.

Anyone who has come to El Gringo expecting a brain teaser will be upset. But what we do get is plenty of action with enough blood and guts to go around. It is the kind of film that you leave your brain at the door but if you go in knowing this then it works very well. The film is directed very skilfully. Some of the action scenes are cleverly shot and feel unique, adding something more to the typical spaghetti western.

The biggest problem with El Gringo is that it is forgettable. There is little to get you invested in the main character. This is integral in a film like this where your love of the main character is often the thing that drives the film. El Gringo isn’t bad it just doesn’t have any memorable performances. The performances are not particularly bad per say it is just that the material they have been given does not make you remember them or want them to succeed. They do the best they can with the material they have on offer. Furthermore I often think that less is more and with so many action scenes they do seem to blur into each other at some points. Often the film feels like it has taken scenes straight from a video game with the viewer feeling more like they are El Gringo, shooting and punching their way to victory. This works well with one or two scenes but when it starts to feel more like the character has got to the end of level boss there is a problem.

El Gringo is a blood and guts action film. Leave your brain at the door and switch off for a couple of hours. The characters are not the most developed and the scenes sometimes blur together but overall for this kind of film it is a reasonable effort.

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GS Rating: 2.5/5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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