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 Once Upon A Time for Grown-Ups – back for second season!






I religiously sat through the first season of Grimm, literally in parallel with Once Upon A Time, and although I found it the superior show, the second season passed me by due to bandwidth issues (I think it lost out to Game of Thrones – too much TV, but not enough hours!). So I was really looking forward to catching up with Grimm in doing this DVD review.

I had to go back and look at some past episodes to re-acquaint myself with events: Nick Burkhardt, the last descendant of the monster-hunting Grimms, is still reeling from two big plot rocks: firstly, his girlfriend Juliette is still in a coma thanks to vengeful former Hexenbiest, just as Nick was in the process of enlightening Juliette to his family roots. Speaking of family, rock no. 2 is the discovery that his mother did not die in a car crash, as he was led to believe all his life. And in true conspiracy-style, Mum does not reveal all in the first instance, but it does make for entertaining watching, the interaction between her and Nick’s Wesen friends whom she instinctively doesn’t trust.

This season ’round, Nick is much more self-assured about his status as a Grimm, possibly due to the combination of having his mother back in his life filling in the gaps, and the imperative of protecting “his own.” He is, of course, still aided & abetted by the wonderful Wesen Monroe, and his slightly unstable cop partner Hank, who never truly recovered from his obsessive dalliance with she-creature last season. Nick now also has a wider circle of “friends” to call on – such as Monroe’s girlfriend Rosalee, whose spice shop becomes the unofficial Buffy-eque headquarters of the group.

There are a number of storylines that continue throughout the season: Juliette’s recovery from the “Nick-memory loss spell” and the special tie between her & Nick’s captain, Renard; the mythology of the Royals, the Grimms who served them during the Crusades, and a treasure of world power hidden somewhere by the Grimms; Hank’s loosening grip on the environment around him as he becomes more wrapped up in Nick’s world; and of course, Nick’s scheming captain Renard, who continues with his own personal agenda, both protecting Nick and manipulating him to meet his needs. Add to that the escalating threats from the European Royals, Caribbean voodoo & zombies, and I am very happy to say that Grimm season 3 has already been programmed into my Sky Box.

Extra: Each disk has a few minutes of deleted scenes from the episodes on that disk, and occasionally there is even an extended episode.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: SilverFox

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