Back in 1999 The Blair Witch Project changed the horror genre with the introduction of the ‘found footage’ plot device. Now in 2015 could Hooked Up pave the way for a whole new horror craze, or will it just run out of power?

RUN TIME: 78 minutes
DIRECTOR: Pablo Larcuen
CAST: Jonah Ehrenreich, Stephen Ohl, Julia Mollins and Natascha Wiese.

Friends Tonio and Peter travel from New York to Barcelona hoping to hook up with two young and single Spanish women. After a wild night of partying they venture back to the house of Noemi and Katia. But when the girls start behaving strangely, the boys find themselves trapped in the house and forced to defend themselves from a demonic supernatural threat…

Friends Tonio and Peter travel to Barcelona in order to help Peter get over his girlfriend breaking up with him. After a heavy night they end up meeting the beautiful and mysterious Noemi who invites them and Tonio’s date Katia back to her house.

However once there Noemi starts acting odd and they find themselves not only trapped in a strange house but also fighting for their lives against a terrifying supernatural force.

The premise of this movie is what initially made me watch it – I thought filmed on an iPhone would be interesting. However whilst the quality is very good some of the plot holes grated on me. Its amazing if your iPhone battery lasts a full day, let alone use the camera on one to record footage this long without running out of power. That wasn’t even the worst thing, the major bug bare for me was the fact that they are stuck in this house, and they try and find Katia’s phone to call for help – er hello!!! What about the phone that you are using to record everything, surely you could just use that!!

And this annoyance set the tone for the whole film. The two main male characters (especially Tonio) are complete and utter douce-bags, they are brash and don’t care about anyone – surely the point of the leads is that you want to be afraid with them and root for them to survive? To be honest I was routing for the baddie and wanted them both dead as soon as possible, they were just so annoying.

The plot rambled along until near the end, then it just seem to lose what it was trying to say. Was it a supernatural force, and what happened with Peter? – I have no idea, at the end of the movie I sat there unsure of what exactly had happened.

There seemed to be a lot of screaming and running around but very little tension created. In fact I would even go as far to say it was quite boring in places.

Hooked Up is rated 18 but I am not entirely sure why. Yes there is some nudity, sexual reference and violence but nothing that I haven’t seen in a 15 rated movie.

In my opinion I would give Hooked Up a miss and go and watch Blair Witch instead to see how it should be done.

Rating: 1/5
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