DVD Review – Robot Chicken Season 3

Robot Chicken is ba‐ba‐baw‐baaack! Season 3 of the toy murderin’, attention‐span shatterin’ TV series comes to DVD on the 25th January 2010.

No cow is too sacred, no star too celestial to escape the Robot Chicken treatment. Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, Robot Chicken Season 3 delivers 20 fifteen‐minute episodes of fastly‐paced sketches featuring an impressive list of vocal talent from creator Seth Green and an impressive cast of Hollywood names.

In its native USA, Robot Chicken has gone on to become Adult Swim’s highest rated original show, winning an Emmy© for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation in 2006 and 2007. It was recently nominated for two more Emmy© awards for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II special.

Robot Chicken, Season 3

Highlights from Robot Chicken Season 3 include Sarah Michelle Geller pedaling a Japanese yeast infection cream; Albert Einstein and his wife have couple’s therapy and Governor Schwarzenegger investigates the illegal immigration issue with Speedy Gonzales and Dora the Explorer.

Special features

Chicken Nuggets – Gag Reel – VFX Comparison – Alternate Audio – Deleted Animatics – Deleted Scenes – Studio tour – Video blogs – Commentary on all 20 Episodes

Robot Chicken seems to have a weird semi-following in the UK. Lots of people have watched the two Star Wars specials, but not as many seem to have even bothered with the actual series.

Well, good people, I’m here today to tell YOU… you should check it out.

Basically if you arent easily offended, and are a bit of a nerd (and lets be honest you’re on the Geek Syndicate website so probably have a lightsabre or sonic screwdriver tucked away somewhere) then you’ll really enjoy this show over and above the Star Wars stuff. A few of the sketches are riffing on non exported US shows or public figures which may lose you if, like me, you are UK based, but the majority revolve around gaming, comics, 70’s and 80’s tv shows and cartoons. The jokes come thick and fast with some sketches barely hitting 5 seconds but you will laugh a lot even if a little part of you feels slighly less cool for getting this many of the jokes. I mean, only a certain type of person will find a sketch about how long it takes Voltron to assemble funny.

This dvd set contains all 20 episodes from season three and covers such topics as President Bush’s receiving of a Mogwai, what it really means to be a little pink peg in “The Game of Life” and Jesus – The 33 Year old Virgin. The humour is un pc, the language is definately for adults only and the pretend blood flows thick and fast. I kinda loved it.

The dvd extras are really over and above what you would expect for a show like this where you might usually only expect a brief behind the scenes clip. There are episode commentaries from the writers and performers, optional video pop-ups during episodes giving further behind the scenes info, deleted scenes, fully voiced animatics of cancelled scenes, video blogs, a studio tour and a cool little clip about the guys whose job it is to find the toys used in the show.

If the Star Wars specials left you cold, then probably this will too as its obviously by the same creative team. But if you did enjoy those then you should check out the fun they have playing with toys other than George Lucas’s. Just brace yourself for the Gummi Bear chewing its own leg off… its a bit disturbing.

Marks out of five – A definate five. This show totally appealed to my inner nerd. Stan Lee voices the Stan Lee puppet as he’s hitting on Pamela Anderson FFS! Katee Sackhoff voices a Starbuck who runs through the rest of the Frakking Battlestar Galactica swearing repertoire! Skeletor KILLS HE-MAN!

Dry Slaps – None.

GS Reviewer: Richard McAuliffe

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