DVD REVIEW: Supernatural Activity

If you loved the Scary Movie franchise all the way up to the bitter end, then this is possibly right up your street…
Quick confession – I did not actually know what I was getting when I signed up to review this. I didn’t bother looking for a listing on IMDB, or checking out a trailer on YouTube – I just took the DVD and sat down to watch it. And that’s why, with a title like ‘Supernatural Activity’, I was expecting a ‘Paranormal Activity’ / ‘The Devil Inside’ clone.

Within 20 seconds of putting this on, I had to do a double-take as this revealed itself to be a Scary Movie type parody… which genuinely brought a smile to my face. In general, I like this type of movie: all four Scary Movies, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Superhero Movie, Not Another Teen Movie – I’ve seen them all. And once you accept that they have no shelf life, i.e. they are a snapshot of the films which were big in the cinema at a certain point in time – they can be quite funny in a crude, slapstick ‘Airplane! / Naked Gun’ style.

This one draws heavily from ‘Blair Witch’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Last Exorcism’, all held together by the central theme that this is a Derek Acorah / ‘Most Haunted’ style documentary. There’s just one flaw – it’s genuinely, unquestionably, undeniably – not that funny! I watched it twice just to be sure, and there are only a few laugh-out-loud moment (and I still laugh out loud at some pretty dated, lowest-common-denominator stuff). I have to blame the script & direction, as the largely unknown cast just had to do the best with what they were served up, but this really is not humorous at all. No… really – it’s not!

Even by Scary Movie 4, the Wayans brothers had figured out that the joke was up, and that the franchise had just become a game for the cinema audience of guessing which famous films were being parodied in which scenes. But even then, they still managed to get some big names in to give us a laugh by almost being caricatures of themselves: Bill Pullman, Michael Madsen, Leslie Nielsen, Charlie Sheen, and my personal favourite, James Woods’ priest at the beginning of the 2nd film.

‘Supernatural Activity’s biggest flaw is that it’s parodying Blair Witch’ (which had already been done well by the Wayans in the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise – remember the bubbles of snot coming out of Anne Faris’ nose!?) and two or three other B films, which in themselves were so bad, they weren’t worth parodying. And then they did the whole job very badly, with a cast of nobodies.

Let’s hope things pick up with Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5!

This movie will appeal to those who are looking to see what the horror genre has to offer for the lower end budget horror films.

Rating: 1.5/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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