DVD REVIEW: The Possession

the-possessionBased on a true story, The Possession is the story of a family that must unite to save their daughter from an evil demon.


Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer), directed by Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch), and produced by Sam Raimi (Original The Evil Dead) and Robert Tapert (remake of The Evil Dead).

The movie follows divorced dad Clyde who buys an old wooden box at a yard sale that his daughter Em wants. Over the next 29 days strange things start to happen and Em starts to behave strangely – from coughing up moths to attacking a fellow school pupil for touching the box. Clyde does some research and discovers that the box is a Dibbuk Box, which is according to the Jewish religion is used to trap evil spirits, and this box contains Abezool: The Taker of Children. Clyde must work together with his wife, and a Rabbi in order to exorcise the spirit before it takes over Emily forever.

I was wary of this film from the beginning because of the ‘Based on a True Story.’ However, I had high expectations due to the involvement of Raimi and Tapert.  I originally saw this film at the 2012 London FilmFour FrightFest and was disappointed, but on second viewing I found I enjoyed it more (maybe because I wasn’t at that stage comparing it to other films that I had seen that day). The film is well made, with good acting and pretty good effects, however saying that, I didn’t feel that anything new was brought to this film – girl starts acting strangely, family realise she’s possessed and then carry out an exorcism. The only difference being that spirit released from a ‘spirit box’ and Jewish ritual rather than a Catholic one. And when the exorcism did happen, it was all over and done with just over 10 minutes later.

However, I can see this making a lot of people jump (the lights flashing on and off during the exorcism, with things happening in between flashes) and if you just want to watch a ‘possession’ film that is well made, then give this ago.


The DVD also contains: Audio Commentaries with Ole Bornedal (Director), and the writers Juliet Snowden and Stiles White.

The last extra is ‘The Real History of The Dibbuk Box.’ This is a series of interviews with the alleged previous and current owners of a real Dibbuk Box, talking about the strange occurrences that have occurred in their lives as a result of owning this box. However, we never see the actual box as at the beginning of the segment we are advised ‘As a safety precaution a replica of the box was used!’

I found myself watching this constantly thinking ‘really?’, but I suppose it all adds to the atmosphere of the film!


Rating: 3/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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