MAGAZINE REVIEW: Doctor Who Figurine Collection #001

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Issue 1It seems that collectible figurines and models are once more coming to the fore in the periodical stands. Eagle Moss Productions are at the forefront of this resurgency, producing a number of high-quality collectible series. How does this latest, The Doctor Who Figurine Collection, stand up? Read on to find out!

Although tagged as a Magazine review, this is actually a product of two parts. The primary focus of the collection is the figurine itself. The magazine serves to provide added information to the viewer about the character represented, the scene that the pose is taken from and other general Who related miscellania. As such, I’ll split this review into three sections (figurine, magazine, subscribers get more) and round out with a general rating.

The Figurine

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Eleventh DoctorThis first installment focusses on the Eleventh Doctor and features a figurine posed from The Pandorica Opens when the Time Lord is addressing the alien fleets above Stone Henge. The figurines in this collection are 1:21 scale, which puts them at approximately three inches tall. This scale allows for a high level of detail while keeping the required “display space” to a reasonable level.

Our intrepid Time Lord is easily recognisable in this figurine. Looking at the next few figurines on the official website, this is set to continue. The alien figurines in particular look fantastic. Where the figurines may fall down is in the paint quality. Each is hand painted and the example I have has some paint “missing” from the Doctor’s bracers. Otherwise, the quality of my figure is superb.

The Magazine

The first thing I noticed was that the magazine seems a bit slim. Twenty pages (including covers) make up the content of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection. I then came to two important realisations. Firstly, the magazine is an accompaniment to the figurine. Secondly, the content of the magazine is actually quite superb. I consider myself quite knowledgeable about Doctor Who with regards to both on screen and behind the scenes stuff. Yet there were still little nuggets of new information for me in these twenty pages.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection FigurinesI especially like the timeline that the magazines are including. This shows key moments in Doctor Who history from 1963 onwards and highlights some other noteworthy events that took place during the time in question. The timeline starts at the beginning, so even though the rest of the content concerns Matt Smith, the timeline details William Hartnell era events. The temptation could have been to make the timeline a “pull out and put together” affair such as the content of DeAgostini’s old Star Wars Fact Files.

Subscribers Get More

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Subscriber DaleksEach issue after the first is priced at £6.99 which I think is reasonable. Especially if you subscribe. Subscribers receive a number of bonus items, including a binder for the magazines, display stands for the figurines and a 1:42 scale Dalek Emperor figurine. Additionally, subscribers can pay an extra pound (£7.99 total) per issue and receive a set of seven exclusive Daleks on an exclusive stand over the course of the publication.

Frankly, I’m tempted by that. The sculpt quality really is excellent. The magazines are a superb suplement and the extra  goodies really do entice…


With well crafted figurines and slim, but informative magazines I think this collection is a great buy for the collectors amongst the fans. If I were to subscribe, and I think the figurines are worth their price tag, I’d pay the extra for the exclusive Daleks too 🙂 The main down side comes from the fact that the figurines are hand painted, and so quality of paintwork can vary somewhat.

Rating: 4 / 5
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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