FASHION REVIEW: Shiro Cosmetics

Make up is fun, right? Eye shadows and lip glosses in every colour imaginable. But it can be hard to find quality products that animal cruelty free and vegan friendly. Fear not! Shiro Cosmetics ticks all the right boxes, plus all their products are nerd themed. What’s not to like?






Shiro is a great little indie cosmetics brand based in Portland, Oregon. I first found put about them through a YouTube make up review from Chloe Dykstra (all the thank yous EVER, Chloe). The names of the eye shadows were pretty cool and the colours were incredible. TriforceSmell Ya Later and TARDIS. Nerd themed make up? YES PLEASE. The coolest thing about indie companies is that because they are small, they include free samples in all their orders. This is usually two eyeshadows and some American candy. I had Hodor in my last order, which is amazing!

The eyeshadows are neatly sorted into franchise collections, with all colours having a similar property, whether it be sparkle, matte or colour palette. Each is available in sample size, medium or full pot. Prices range from $1 (Yes, you read that right) to about $6. So they are a very fair price. Fans of the Facebook page suggest names for the Colour of the Month, with a new shade available for that month. Previous names include Still No Oscar for LeoTARDIS and Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon. All are produced as a loose pigment so they can be a little messy… You can buy them as individual colours, full collections or the entire Shiro Eyeshadow range, made up of over one hundred full sized eye shadows. Obviously if you choose this option, there’s a discount. They work out about £2.80 per eyeshadow, which is amazing. A girl can dream…

The Super Effective Collection

The Super Effective Collection

The Hobbit Collection

The Hobbit Collection

Along with ALL THE EYESHADOWS EVER, they have a great range of lip glosses. Shiro has just revamped it’s website and added new products, but also sadly discontinued others. Their range of Intertubes was awesome. These were tinted lip balms in all kinds of crazy colours, from blue to coral. They‘ve had to make way for new formulas, but only five new colours are available at the moment so it might be worth keeping an eye out to see if new ones are added soon. My favourites from the Intertubes range areThree Wolf MoonWhy Not ZoidbergNyan Cat and Team Buffy. I ordered a tonne of them when I found out they were being discontinued!

New tinted balms, $5
Discontinued intertubes
Three Wolf Moon

 International postage is flat rate $7.50, which works out around £4.50. Not too shabby. It means you can get a fair amount of decent make up without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money! It’d be great for them to introduce some pressed palettes and maybe some more vibrant colours like Sugarpill Cosmetics, but apart from that I can’t fault them. The extra goodies in the order and the handwritten thank you from Caitlin and her team is what makes this indie company so wonderful.

Need a gift for a nerdy lady friend? Want to treat yourself? If you love make up or fun, head over to Shiro Cosmetics and have a look around. I take no responsibility for the stupid amount of time you’ll lose while you’re on there.


Reporter: Jess Hawke

Source: Shiro Cosmetics

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