TeeFury is a US based tshirt printing company where you can find the most amazing nerdy shirts ever. Fandom mash ups are the norm, so whether you’re looking for a Disney Princess with the TARDIS, or just a really cool arty take on Star Wars, then check out their website.

There are a lot of companies that offer a different tshirt design every 24hrs, but TeeFury is one of the best. With a wide range of artists contributing to the designs, no two tees are the same. Regular shirts are $11 a pop, but every month they have a grab bag sale to clear old stock. You pay just $6, pick your size and a mystery tee shows up on your doorstep a while later. For around £4 a shirt, that’s not bad. Postage is calculated by weight, about $7 per shirt. It’s anyone’s guess as to which design you’ll get, but you can guarantee it’ll be a goodun. I order a load in the same size with my flat mate and we pick and choose which we like best. Seeing as we mostly like different fandoms there aren’t (too) many arguments! I have quite a few from the grab bag sale, by favourite being a Zelda and 10th Doctor mash up. You can also have mystery extras added for a couple of extra dollars. I have a brilliant sonic screwdriver transfer tattoo that I don’t want to use yet! It’s so beautiful, I might even get it as a proper tattoo…


One of my grab bag orders…




PowerPuff Girls/ Sailor Moon mash up


My favourite shirt ever. Hero of Space and Time.

Being shipped from the US, they can take about a month to arrive, which can be annoying. The sizing is generally ok, but I have had issues with any shirt I order in Kelly Green, always arriving and being too small, even if it’s my regular size. With returns only allowed up to 30 days after purchase, timing can be a bit tight if the shipping takes a long time!

 Apart from a couple of issues, TeeFury is a pretty cool company. I think about a third of my wardrobe is now from them. Definitely worth checking them out!

Source: TeeFury

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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