FASHION REVIEW: The DC Collection from Converse

dc-comics-converse-chuck-taylor-wonder-woman-2Converse have produced a collection in collaboration with DC. The last one was a bit of a disappointment, but they have definitely redeemed themselves with this one! Full of BOOMS and KAPOWS, these shoes are bright, colourful and every design reflects its superhero/villain incredibly well.

A couple of years ago, I blogged about Reebok’s take on the iconic Wonder Woman design (which were AMAZING) and also how Converse had a similar idea, but messed it up. Big time. They went against what Wonder Woman stands for and produced a design that was stereotypical GIRL LABEL: all pink and pretty and pastel colours and bleurgh. However Converse, this time, you have redeemed yourself!

When I heard they were bringing out a brand spanking new DC range, I was thinking ‘PLEASE don’t mess it up.’ The outcome? Converse done good. All the designs in this collection are bright, loud, fun, everything that superhero stuff should be. Each character has their own design with its own unique quirks, for example the Joker Cons have HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA written all along the side of the sole. Plus, not only do they not have the stereotypical boy label/girl label shoes, but also the vast majority of the range is unisex!! No sexist barriers! GO CONVERSE.dc comics Converse shoes

So finally, I could buy myself some decent Wonder Woman shoes. After a bit of a mishap in the store (which shall remain unnamed), I walked out with my lovely lovely super shiny Wonder Woman Cons with bright yellow laces. They turn heads. These truly are Cons of awesomeness.

Like all Converse, they’re comfy and snazzy, but these were not as durable as all my other Cons. My oldest pair is 4 years old and are tattered yes, but I still do wear them a lot. Not gonna lie, I’ve worn the Wonder Woman pair a fair amount. I knew the inside that rubs against my heel would wear a bit. But I didn’t think the back piece of plastic supporting the heel would actually crack and begin to chip off. It only happened to one of the shoes and has never happened to any pair of Converse I’ve owned before.

DSCF1281Because of this, I took them back to the shop to get an exchange as they were still under warranty. I was expecting the same excellent customer service I received last time. Turns out the shop in question had cleaned up their act and no questions asked, I got a replacement pair and walked out the shop with my second pair of lovely lovely super shiny Wonder Woman Cons with bright yellow laces. These are awesome apart from the slight breakage.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. pythiasparlour /

    Great review Jess! Think I’m going to have a look at their range; I’d love a pair of Catwoman-themed Converse shoes! (:D)

    • jesshawke /

      Thank you! You should definitely take a look- the Catwoman ones are pretty cool 🙂

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