FILM REVIEW: Jack The Giant Slayer

jackgiantslayerThe ancient war between humans and giants is reignited when young farmhand Jack accidentally opens a gateway between the two worlds and must fight for his kingdom, and the love of a princess.

To me this whole film just felt like I was watching a panto (yes I know Jack and the Beanstalk is a panto!), however considering this was directed by Bryan Singer – the same director that gave us X-Men, I have to say I was expecting more and was quite disappointed. The acting was very over the top and whenever the villains came on the screen it felt like I should be booing and hissing at them. Ewan McGregor’s ‘pip-pip’ English accent also become very grating after a while – even going as far to say ‘Come on chaps’ & ‘tally-ho’…sigh!

The film definitely seemed to be aimed more at children than adults, with gross body humor such as the giant’s picking their noses. Some of the  stunts made very obvious use of CGI and not always very well. I also didn’t think that the overall look of the giants was very good. My feeling is that this movie will date very quickly and I’m not overly convinced that there is much lasting appeal – would this film hold up to countless watches? I’m not so sure – certainly not for adults. It almost felt as though it was a film quickly made purely for the holidays.

However the kids in the screen didn’t seem to mind any of these shortcomings and seemed to enjoy the movie with lots of laughter  throughout, and enjoyable disgust at the gross body humor of the giants.

On the whole I would say this is a great film to take young kids along to on a rainy afternoon (and there are many of them at the moment). However I feel the lack of attention to detail and story for adults means that any adult will most likely be watching the time slowly pass by – Pixar this certainly is not!!

Rating: 2/5 for adults but 4/5 for any young children
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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