Mama_15Who said mothers aren’t scary? – you may after seeing this new movie! When the film opens, we see a man name Jeffery who has gone ‘postal’ and killed his wife, then run away with his daughters Victoria and Lilly. He crashes their car in the woods and they end up wandering in the snow until they come across an abandoned cabin, taking shelter.Whilst there, Jeffery decides to finish the job but before he can pull the trigger something (Mama) appears and kills him.

Fast forward five years and the girls are found by trackers hired by Lucas (Jeffrey’s twin brother). At this stage, both girls are very feral but allowed to go live with Lucas and his rock band guitarist girlfriend Annabel, who is less than happy with the situation. Things seem ok, but after an accident puts Lucas in the hospital it seems Mama has followed the girls. Annabel will have to find her caring mother side and save the girls before they become Mama’s forever.

With del Toro being involved I had high hopes for this film. The director has said in interviews that he had to get this made after seeing the original as a three-minute short film. Sights of Mama are kept short and hidden to begin with which helps to build the tension.

Cleverly when Mama makes her first appearance to save Victoria we only see her through Victoria’s eyes – which since she doesn’t have her glasses on means she is blurry. The story was brilliantly original and I was never quite sure if Mama was a ghost or some strange woodland entity.

However what must have captivated del Toro in the short film seems to have been lost as this movie had elements of a normal mainstream horror movie. There was the normal music cues to let us know when we should be getting ready to jump and I felt a little let down by the ending. On the other hand, the characters were well-rounded with Lily being more than a little creepy. The special effects were very good and when you do finally see Mama, I wasn’t disappointed – found her to be nice and creepy.

All in all a good movie. Enough jumps to scare the pants out of the cinema audience I sat with, maybe not quite enough for the die-hard horror fans but they will still enjoy the film none the less. Maybe next time del Toro could help to add a little more of his style and atmosphere.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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