FILM REVIEW: Navy Seals Vs. Zombies

Zombies are a huge genre and each time a new movie comes out with the walking dead we all keep our fingers crossed that is actually good. Navy Seals Vs. Zombies is the latest movie to make a good zombie movie. Have they succeeded?


Eighties action legend Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja, Olympus Has Fallen) stars as Commander Sheer, the leader of a crack team of Navy SEALS charged with extracting the Vice President from a situation gone bad in New Orleans. What Sheer’s team don’t know is that the ‘situation’ is a viral outbreak that is very quickly turning the residents of the Big Easy into flesh hungry hoards of ravenous zombies and sometimes the bullets run out…

Director: Stanton Barrett

Writers: A.K. Waters (story), Matthew Carpenter (screenplay)

Stars: Ed Quinn, Michael Dudikoff, Rick Fox

The plot of this film revolves around an outbreak that turns people into zombies and it is up to a Navy SEAL team to help recover the people who can help and escape with a cure if possible. Sounds all pretty straight forward stuff but the plot starts off one way and then turns quickly into a SNAFU of epic proportions.

The cast includes Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja) as the team’s Commander calling the shots from HQ. Dudikoff has not been seen a lot lately but I actually realised that I missed the guy as I think he is a 80’s icon and that he really should be getting some better roles but at least here he has a role that he seems to be enjoying. Ed Quinn is the team’s field commander and fans of Eureka will know him best as Stark. Here he fits the role well and brings a sense of calmness to the proceedings when it all goes undead on the team. The rest of the SEAL team come across as soldiers who you could actually believe could be SEALs and I give credit to the casting folks for not making everyone cliché. The other notable cast member was Molly Hagan who plays a CIA agent advising Dudikoff. Hagan jumped out at me as an actress who was part of my childhood and it took me a while to remember why that was. She was actually a mean girl in Some Kind of Wonderful opposite Eric Stoltz and she obviously made an impression. A veteran of over twelve film and tv shows she bring a nice touch to the film.

I have to point out a big thing for me in this film and that is how good the actors looked with the guns and tactics. I have seen a lot of soldiers in the real world and these guys have either had experience or have been trained really well for this film. I actually could believe that they knew what they were doing.


The action is good and some of the Zombie attacks are quick yet effective. The Zombies here are not the slow kind; these guys can run and jump. Think World War Z Zombies. This film had a small budget but what they did with it was pretty good, even though they used the same ariel shot about five times and where there were Zombies in the background they used CGI ones but because they were far away and just out of focus it was not a major issue.

Overall this film paid a lot of attention to detail for the military parts and made good use of CGI for the Zombies. Yes this is a C movie but just sit back and enjoy the ride. I know you will have fun.


Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Montoya

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