FILM REVIEW: The Expatriate

The Expatriate is a new thriller starring Aaron Eckhart released in an innovative fashion. It is available from iTunes, at cinemas and to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray at the same time and is an adrenaline fuelled, action packed thriller.

The story follows Ben Logan (Eckhart) who works for what is seemingly a normal European company situated in Belgium. Logan tests products and works out ways in which their locks can be cracked and he excels at his work. One day though, his office disappears and the company he thought he worked for has never heard of him. Even more worrying is that he discovers all of his colleagues have been killed and he’s next. What was Logan’s real job and why is he being targeted?

Phillip Stozl classily directs the film – it’s shot with precision. There are many moments that will remind you of the Bourne Trilogy, Taken and other espionage thrillers, yet there is something about The Expatriate that still makes it feel fresh. With its well written plot and a strong cast, it draws you in and makes you want to see what happens next. Eckhart plays Logan brilliantly, showing some real signs that he is a burgeoning action lead. Eckhart swaggers through scenes with some excellent screen presence.

My main worry about this film was that it was never going to explain how Logan, a man who seems as normal as the next person, has managed to become a master fighter and tactician. I wondered whether the viewer was meant to just accept this. However thankfully this is all explained as the story unwinds.

The Expatriate is an exciting roller coaster thriller. There are moments that will remind you of other espionage films but it feels fresh. There are many exciting moments that will draw the viewer in and with a great performance by Eckhart, you will be urging his character Logan on through every tumble and fall he and his daughter have to take.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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