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Thor is based on the Marvel Comics’ adaptation of the Norse God of Thunder. Thor (Chris Hemswoth) is banished from Asgard after he tries to battle the Frost Giants who have invaded Asgard on the day of his coronation as king. Thor awakens on earth hammerless and powerless in New Mexico. With the help of Jane (Natalie Portman), Thor must find his hammer (the source of his power) and become worthy once more to be called a Thunder God before Mischief engulfs Asgard. Thor also needs to worry about the impending attack from The Destroyer on earth.

Thor carries on what is quickly becoming the Marvel tradition of producing top quality films. Further it excels in making people interested in characters that they may not have been before. I am a big comic book fan but before Iron Man, I hated the character of Tony Stark, I did not feel I could relate with him. Yet Robert Downey Jr created a character that I loved and wanted to find out more. The same can be said about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. I was not so sure about Hemsworth being able to pull off the god of thunder, but just like Downey Jr he fits the roll like a glove. It has become almost like a second skin for him to the extent that I can no longer imagine thinking that anyone else should play Thor.

The film is exciting, funny and action packed. Thor’s scenes when he arrives on earth are truly spectacular as we watch the Thunder god trying to adapt to his new surroundings. Further for any fan of the genre, it will make you happy to see that Stan Lee has his customary cameo. Yet also J Michael Straczynski appears paying homage to the hardwork in recreating Thor for the twenty first century.

Thor’s battles both in Asgard and on earth against The Destroyer are an amazing sight to see. Although the 3D was added after it was filmed, it is still worth paying that little bit extra to watch the hammer fly from one direction to the next. For comic book fans, small glimpses of what will happen in The Avengers will excite you. For example, in this film we see Thor joining forces with SHIELD that for the geek in me, jumped up and down with excitement. Another exciting glimmer is the introduction of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Cleverly it would seem that Marvel are following suit with Smallville: Hawkeye’s suit and arrows look almost identical to Green Arrow’s. This is a clever idea as the archer’s suit may not have worked on screen otherwise.

With Thor being a slightly different character to other superheroes (embodying Norse mythology), the film adds another dimension to the typical comic book film. However a big concern of mine is the amount of villains this film uses. By having Thor battle what many people (such as myself) would class as his big villain in the first film as well as The Destroyer, it worries me how many more times the average film goer will go to see round two of their scrap. Personally this battle could have been left for the sequel as it feels slightly tagged on to the end. Further, it would have been nicer if the scenes in earth were longer. Thor’s relationship with Jane does not feel like it would have had enough time to make him see the error of his ways. For a film that is less then two hours long, these could have easily been extended, making both our and Thor’s connection to earth more tangible instead of just agreeing to go along for the ride.

Thor starts the summer comic book blockbusters off with a bang. It does everything you want from a comic book film and more so. Asgard looks phenomenal and the scenes on earth are brilliantly scripted. This is a must see film especially for anyone who likes Iron Man and is desperate to see The Avengers.

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

Rating: 4/5

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    Sounds great. I am going to see it soon. What rating would you give it?

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