Fringe: Season 3, Episode 10, Firefly

The long wait is over. The Great God Sky has eventually released the long-awaited bounty to his people, and it is good.

Yes, finally Fringe is on in the UK again.

There may be spoilers and a risk  extended metaphors in this review.

The plot of this long anticipated Fringe episode is a curious one featuring as it does an Observer. A plot nominally involving Christopher Lloyd as a bereaved and decrepid Rick Wakeman alike (that’s a little unfair, he is cheerier than Rick Wakeman.) In so doing it opens up a philosophical look at intended and unintended consequences. in so doing it gives an insight into the Observers understanding of space-time.

The performances are expectedly excellent, Anna Torv continues to deliver in the ‘soap’ moments between her and Joshua Jackson. Interesting those very soap elements are also about unintended consequences and fit the main theme of the episode.

Another highlight was an Observer fight sequence which is definitely the model they should use for any Question or Mr A series fight  choreography.

And predictably but enjoyably it ends on a note of menace for the future.

Something else occurred to me while watching this episode, Fringe is very lovecraftian. I’ve been enjoying a lot of HP Lovecraft’s cosmic horror recently (see my Call of Cuthulhu movie review for instance for instance.) Now Fringe doesn’t (yet) indulge in a background of coldly insane alien evil – but it is set in a cold, impersonal scientific universe where human understanding is very limited and should it expand we might go mad (Walternate?) or run scurrying into the comfort of a new dark age (‘our’ Walter having his brain parts removed?) Is Fringe in debt to Lovecraft, I’d love to hear your thoughts, either below, in the forums at or on twitter @clarkythecruel

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