Fringe Season 3 Episode 21 The Last Sam Weiss


In attempting the deal with the apparent immanent victory of the Redverse Fringe flounders. There might be some spoilers as we watch it splash in the shallows.


Much of this story resolves around the use of a ‘crowbar’ which is appropriate as Sam Weiss character, motivations and apparent history have all been tweaked for the purposes of this episode. He is now motivated to try and assist Olivia recover artefacts that can be used with the machine. This is fresh but seems to have no basis in what we know about the character. Sure the worlds ending but errr this has been building up for a while now and he knows a couple of the players – why wasn’t he helping out earlier. It seems to come out of nowhere and be somewhat confused.


He is no longer ’older than he looks’ but one of a line of Sam Weiss with incomplete information on the First People (and really complicated approaches to storage which again seem to have been crowbarred in to give the episode to have an action adventure plot element.)


What does work in this episode are the scenes with Walter, Astrid and Broyles addressing the science side of the calamity and the confused Peter, both work very well and deliver on the quality we’ve come to expect. The Peter scenes had a slow burn tension that played nicely against the large scale Fringe calamities. The end sequence and it’s OMG element is also very effective.


There is also a pre-titles gigglesome scene which was great with super acting by both Torv and Noble.


But here’s the thing, Fringe has always had an excellent sense of timing – revelations or shocks come in after the pre-title sequences, the ad breaks and something jaw dropping at the end advancing the main plot. In this episode it feels as they had a spare episode lying around and a great idea for the last twist and so searched around for things to fill it with. This episode had two writers but looking back that’s pretty standard for Fringe so I don’t know what could have gone wrong – maybe another episode wasn’t delivered due to script or budget reasons requiring a quick rewrite? or maybe the length ofUSseasons puts  a heavy strain on the production crew (especially if you don’t fill your season with syndication friendly filler?  Whatever the reason, this episode is a fall from grace saved by the nice acting and couple of great scenes.


Stars                3/5

Dry Slaps        1 (Sam Weiss)

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