TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 20 – All the President’s Heads

This week, the Planet Express Team learn that by drinking the liquid that the heads in jars live in, they can travel back to the time when the head was alive. Unfortunately, the Professor learns that he has one distant relative who disgraced the family name, and when he tries to rectify this, he changes history more than he imagined.

After last week’s disappointing episode, the only way was up for Futurama. Thankfully, this is where the show went. The episodes where random time travel, parallel worlds or far off alien lands are the dominant motivator are often the best for Futurama. The time travel sequences are fun and just he right amount of silly, as is Zoidberg’s meeting with Andy Warhol and the constant misconceptions about Bender, which he takes little time in correcting. The gang’s English accents leave a lot to be desired, but this seems to have been part of the joke. It would have been good to see more, shorter stints of time travel – like in The Farnsworth Parabox, but this is a fairly minor complaint.

Futurama has pulled it’s socks up after the awful Leela led episode last week, this episode is a return to form for the series and reminds the audience what made us love Futurama in the first place – silly jokes, far fetched scenarios and a healthy dose of Bender.

GS reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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