TV REVIEW: Futurama – Season 6 Episode 21 – Möbius Dick

When the crew are sent to collect a memorial for the very first Planet Express crew, they also discover the space whale that killed them. Leela’s obsession with conquering the beast puts them all in danger.

While this week’s episode focuses on Leela, this is not one of the slower episodes that we have come to associate with the character. There are some great touches, especially the story of Zoidberg; when the first crew made it’s one and only delivery, Zoidberg was with them, was popular and had hair. He was the only survivor and blanked out the horrors he had seen.

As usual, Leela becomes obsessed with the things that she cannot control and vows to follow the space whale through the Bermuda tetrahedron to exact revenge. The Planet Express ship becomes a whaling ship complete with sails, and the crew takes on the language of the sea. Leela’s Captin’s jacket also makes a reappearance (it had not been seen after Bender’s horrific stint as Captain).

All in all, the episode is reminiscent of the space bees episode, where the current crew find the remains of the previous crew; but this is not a bad thing. All of the characters are on fine form, and the animation looks fantastic. Not as strong an episode as it could have been, but good enough to make up for the fiasco of the week before. The season is beginning to wind down now, let’s hope it can end as strongly as it began.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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