Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 5 – The Wolf and the Lion

Compared to the episodes that we have seen so far, this episode of Game of Thrones was jam packed with action, intrigue, and finally some answers.

The episode was streamlined somewhat; instead of focusing on three storylines, Daenerys and her brother were moved to the back seat and the episode took a long hard look at the inhabitants of Winterfell.

The episode begins with a conflict between The Mountain and his brother The Hound. We already know how The Hound was disfigured, and it is obvious that the tensions between him and his brother have not been resolved. This fight is an indication of the tension to come in the episode, and the series as a whole. As well as this, it serves as the microcosm of the events in the episode – people who should be united, divided by old beliefs and differences of opinion.

Catelyn Stark has Tyrion in her custody, and as she makes her way to her sister’s home for advice, the company is ambushed. Tyrion ingratiates himself with her by saving her life. The life he takes to protect Catelyn weighs heavily on him, and shows another layer to the brash – but charmingly funny – character we have seen so far. Sadly Catelyn’s sister – widow of the former King’s Hand John Arryn – is as mad as a badger, and has a grudge against the Lannisters. She and her son – who is equally as deranged as her – would like nothing more than to see Tyrion ‘fly’ off the balcony. It seems there is no resolution to be found here, and Catelyn is no closer to finding who maimed her son.

Meanwhile, Eddard Stark is still in King’s Landing, and is suspicious of the death of John Arryn – his predecessor. As soon as Stark begins to get answers – and his daughter begins to uncover the secret of the traitor in the court – he disagrees with the King over the solution to Daenerys and the war that is surely coming. As a result of this Eddard attempts to walk away from the King and his responsibilities. Before he can do so, however, Jamie Lannister strikes the first blow of what is sure to be a war between the Starks (the Wolf) and the Lannisters (the Lion).

This is a fantastic episode of Game of Thrones. The action has been suddenly kicked up a notch, and instead of sitting back and trying ot learn, the audience is forced to hold on tight and try to keep up for the first time in the series. There has been layer upon layer of nuance created in the series so far, but this is the first time we have seen these grudges actually play out in more than sharp words. We have really enjoyed the show to date, but this is the best episode of the series so far, and just what it needed to breathe a bit more life and a lot more energy into Game of Thrones as a whole.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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