GAME REVIEW: Gerbil Physics

IconAndroid_96x96The last time I came into any kind of contact with a gerbil was in a science lab at highschool. Not that we were experimenting on it or anything, it was just a pet that we were allowed to peer at when we should have been working. It wasn’t a particularly interesting gerbil, not like the ones Pencel Games have created in Gerbil Physics anyway.

The game starts by introducing you to the gerbils and pointing out what you need to do. This is to get every gerbil below a yellow line that crosses the screen about two-thirds of the way down. The pesky gerbils are all stacked up in varying patterns and towers, it’s almost as if they don’t want to fall down there. To persuade them, you have at your disposal a store of bombs that you strategically place to blow and nudge the small rodents into position. So far so good. A few levels in, and other toys and hazards start to be added. Exploding penguins and fruit that can be used to daisy-chain explosions, ice that is very slippery, heavier gerbils that are much harder to move, and alarm gerbils that, if dislodged, go off, and end the round. You also gain more explosive options, a smaller kind of nudging bomb called an Exploder and a Disintegrator gun that vaporises one gerbil at a time, which comes in very handy on the later levels where a gerbil might be trapped in place. Later levels also give you the option of collecting more ammunition for your arsenal, if you can just happen to manoeuvre a flying gerbil over the icon.

The game is addictive and well presented. The gerbils and environments have a lovely graphical style to them, and the sound scheme is suitably comic, with little high-pitched mutterings and thankfully, no annoying music. The difficulty ramps up at a steady rate, but I never felt stuck for overly long on any given puzzle. For a little over 60p, this game offers good value, and has great replay potential, trying to boost your highscores or unlock some of the achievements that you might have missed the first time.

Available on Android from Google Play (reviewed), and on Xbox Live and Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Casey Douglass

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