An increasing number of Geek and Comic book conventions are starting to pop up in and around Birmingham. During the year there’s two MCM events, the Birmingham Comics Festival, ICE and the Walsall Comic Con. For those looking to visit the city and see more outside of the conventions or to make a weekend of it, we’ve put together a selection of geeky highlights of the city’s hot spots. Birmingham’s a big city with a lot to see! This guide focuses on locations within the main city center that are all accessible by walking, so there’s no need to worry about public transport. I’ve been to most of the locations a whole bunch of times but some of the occasions were my first visit. For the report I recruited my mate Stoo (who at a stretch has a passing interest in comics and collectables) to road test this list. We successfully got round all of the places in a day and were actually still out at the early hours enjoying the bars. 

Source: Birmingham
GS Blogger: Richard Blades

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