lostinspacegoldkey1960’s Gold Key Comics favourite is lovingly collected for a 21st Century re-release by Dark Horse Comics.  I was raised in Africa during the 1970s; there was no TV, no cinema (not much for kids anyway), and very little by way of western books & comics working their way into a limited number of largely English or American shops.
Marvel and DC certainly weren’t in abundance, and if I was lucky (and had been a good boy!) I got to read Classics Animated, Harvey Comics, and Gold Key.

Gold Key had a Golden Age portfolio of titles, including Boris Karloff, The Phantom and of course Lost in Space, and I relished a nostalgic trip down memory lane when I was handed Dark Horse’s 220+ page Lost In Space archive.

In truth, it has not aged well. You cannot read too much of this in one go, otherwise it becomes very jaded. The artwork is of its time, and sentimentally kept reminding me of Classics Animated version of the Time Machine (if you can get that, read it!) – the character drawings are very stereo-typical of the times.

The dialogue is even harder to swallow – I’m not a closet feminist by any stretch, but the dialogue directed to or coming from any of the female characters can be unbelievably patronising, which brings me back to my original point that the book is difficult to read over a prolonged period. And quite simply the storylines are very simplistic and well, very much the same… there are no hidden gems here you might have found in Boris Karloff or Weird War Stories – some of the story writing is downright mediocre. I was also taken aback that there is no Robby the Robot – yep, not one single “Danger, Will Robinson!”.

But if you want a slice of the times, then this is it, and it will remind you how far the art of comic writing has come. As I say, 220+ pages, but difficult to read continuously in a single sitting – it didn’t shatter my childhood illusions, but it did remind me how much my memories were rosy-tinted…

Rating: 2/5
Reporter: SilverFox
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