Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Review

Kapow was a very special event especially for any Green Lantern fan. The UK premiere of the new animated feature film, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights did not disappoint. The film follows the corps as Rogue Guardian, Krona is attempting to bring down the very foundation of the Green Lanterns. Arisia, a new Green Lantern is being trained by Hal Jordan as he tells her tales of the corps.

Emerald Knights brilliantly covers all it’s basis. It is clearly a film that anybody could pick up and understand with DC obviously hoping that after the live action film comes out, the casual fan will invest in this. Further with the story relating to Krona it links perfectly with the War of the Green Lanterns story arc in the comic books at the moment. Therefore this film is a great jumping on point for new fans who really want to get into the film as well as being something that the Green Lantern faithful will want to see.

Each story is interesting and worth watching. Unlike the Batman film Gotham Knight you will want to keep watching. Smartly, DC have learnt where they went wrong with Gotham Knight and kept with the same art style all the way through the film. Further by maintaining the same style as First Flight, they have managed to create a corps that look like their comic book counterparts.

Hats off must go to the story of Abin Sur (which is loosely based on Geoff Johns’ Secret Origin). The Abin Sur story works so well because again it is the perfect jumping on point for new fans. By providing more information about the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, you will be even more intrigued by the events of the live action film and any other films that are released after it. Further the use of Atrocitus is a master stroke.

One problem with the film is it’s continuity with first Green Lantern animated film, First Flight. Some of the events of First Flight do not make sense with Emerald Knights. Clearly First Flight could have been what the first live film could have been and Emerald Knights is a film that is coming out to push even more people into the Green Lantern mythology, it is just a shame that they do not feel that they connect. Yet this is a little problem in what is a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Overall Green Lantern Emerald Knights is a must see film. It does everything that it should do. It will get new fans excited about the film whilst remaining loyal to the Lantern fan base. It builds the tension and the excitement expertly for the live action film.

Luke Halsall

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  1. maverick /

    It bugging how that in the knight movie oa is still around in first flight but then senatro is is good, so how is oa still around when he goes bad and that hal was a newbe when he went bad? it been bugging me i want to get the story right

  2. We really disagree. We do not think it was for the casual fan, but rather the hardcore comic fan. The stories were not so clear or easy to understand. Nor was there any rhyme or reason to them.

    We would have preferred a dedicated story, especially after Green Lantern First Flight.

    Here is our takes with lots o’ pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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